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Update: Puthu Yugam Channel before Diwali 2013 - Says Shyam Kumar, Puthiya Thalaimurai
In conversation with exchange4media, Shyam Kumar speaks about their new channel.

We have learnt that you are now entering the GEC space. When are you launching the new channel? What is the name of the channel?

The channel is called Pudhu Yugam and we are planning to launch it before Diwali this year. We strive to offer our viewers content that would be very different from the other GECs. We aim to redefine the GEC space.

More at,
“Distribution is the biggest challenge in the Southern markets”
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Long awaiting channel.
yes, we are waiting for this channel.
What about vendar tv?
"Knowledge without action is insanity,
Action without knowledge is vanity"
Vendar TV is renamed as Puthu Yugam TV..
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Another detailed interview... specifically on Puthu Yugam...

New Gen Media has already launched Puthiya Thalaimurai, the successful Tamil news channel besides a Tamil magazine, Puthiya Thalaimurai. The group which is making waves in the Tamil Nadu media scene, is all set to launch a General Entertainment Channel (GEC) in Tamil, reveals New Gen Media CEO Shyam Kumar in a freewheeling interview to R.Rangaraj of, unveiling the channel name -- Pudhu Yugam (New Generation):

Q: New Gen Media has launched Puthiya Thalaimurai, a successful Tamil news channel, having already made an impact on the print scene with Puthiya Thalaimurai magazine. We hear a GEC channel is in the offing?

A: That is true. We are making plans to launch a General Entertainment Channel (GEC) in Tamil, having already tasted success with Puthiya Thalaimurai, the news channel in Tamil. As an entertainment channel, it will be path-breaking.

Q: What will it be called?

A: Pudhu Yugam ( New Era).

Q: When is the launch?

A: It would be before the festival season, before Deepavali for sure.

Q: How will you be different? How do you plan to make a mark?

A: We will provide a new experience in entertainment. It will be truly path-breaking. It will typically be an engagement channel – will engage the viewers.

Q: Puthiya Thalaimurai magazine was especially targeted at the youth – an effort to create a new readership. Will the Tamil GEC also target the youth?

A: Pudhu Yugam will cover every section of society. Not just the youth. It will engage every section of the audience. Right from kids to elders.

Q: When you say elders, will there be programmes on religion etc?

A: As a matter of policy we will not touch religion or astrology. We will not enter the religion space. However, viewers of all ages will have something to look out for in the channel.

Q: Will you have soaps – the staple diet for a GEC?

A; We will have fiction. That is all I can reveal at the moment.

Q: Reality shows? Can u do without them?

A: There would be shows but they would be redefined. Not run-of-the-mill reality shows. Yes, music , cinema and entertainment and so on. But they will come redefined. We are blessed with one of the best teams possible. B Kailasam, Channel Head, and son of veteran director K Balachander, and who has tremendous experience in production and administration in the field of television in Tamil Nadu, has a wonderful team, passionate and dedicated.

Q: There are so many GECs out there on the Tamil Nadu scene. How will you tackle the competition?

A: There’s always space for everyone. Especially if you are good. We believe in the Blue Ocean Strategy (expand the pond) and create space for yourself rather than follow the Red Ocean Strategy (where there is bloodshed in fighting for existing space).

Q: Any special plans for the launch?

A: It will not be a soft launch. It’ll be a launch that Tamil Nadu will experience and celebrate. It will be a 360 degree campaign – a visual treat for sure.

Shyam Kumar, CEO of New Gen Media, unveils plans for a new GEC Tamil channel – Pudhu Yugam

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Vendhar Tv and Pudhu yugam both channels coming soon..... Check below images for Vendhar tv proof.

[Image: Vendhar_Tv_HD_channel_Programme_ORU_SOL_KELEER.jpg]

[Image: Vendhar_Tv_HD_channel_Programme_ORU_SOL_KELEER.jpg]

[Image: Vendhar_Tv_HD_channel_Programme_ORU_SOL_KELEER.jpg]
Yeah.. But I heard sometime earlier that Vendhar TV is renamed as Puthu Yugam.. Anyway, let us wait and watch either both or one of the the channel..
Puthiyathalaimurai tv chief CG(Soundar dhanabal) today says to me, Vendar tv not in SRM/PT Group.
There is no connection with pt group. But they has slight background with PT group. Nothing else.
"Knowledge without action is insanity,
Action without knowledge is vanity"
He said it to you?????
yes, i was speak with him.
"Knowledge without action is insanity,
Action without knowledge is vanity"

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