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dish tv unpair card

please information dish tv unpair card to use dreambox
All Card Are Un Paired ,but pairing function working in stb, :thinking:
(25-04-2011, 02:19 AM)Vikram Wrote: All Card Are Un Paired ,but pairing function working in stb, :thinking:

[quote='Vikram' pid='4188' dateline='1303678142']
All Card Are Un Paired ,but pairing function working in stb,

thanks for but dish tv card not working my dreambox

Read Your Dishtv Stb Serial Number and Lode Conex In dreambox with your dishtv Stb number, Card working in dreambox, More information on your issue i update soon !:dance3:
Unpaired card is one that has never been put inside the original dishtv stb. IF you have used your card in the dishtv stb then it wont work with dreambox.
So For Dreambox use a new Card and a tricks for unpaired "Replace Your Card From Dealer , Say to Dealer "My Card is lost and given number 015000xxxxx, and dealer given U New Card this is unpaired card, don't use in your Dishtv Stb and Putin your dreambox 500s Turn on the c**am emu. and put the channel Zee news.
Wait 15-20 minutes initially .. dont change the channel.
It will start decoding.
This way you will be able to open conax channels only.
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irfan khan (09 May 11, 05:56pm), naseeb786 (25 Apr 11, 09:25pm)
i neend dish tv HD unpair card any one have plz contact with me thxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Thre is too many ways yo recharge, but to give more infos on recharge here is offtopic so...
hallo brothers
any one expert tell me that how we can pairr dishtv vc and stb

thankn you


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