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Airtel Hd Dvr images & Menu screenshot
Hd Dvr Stb model :

[Image: mvhjj5.jpg]

Front Panel: there are 4 LEDs – One indicating Power/Signal, another Red one indicating Remote Control activity, the other which is Yellow indicating b-mails(Alert messages) and the fourth Red one indicating Recording activity. The Power LED glows Green when STB is ON, Red when Standby and Orange when there is No Signal. To the extreme left of the Panel is a cute and small Airtel Logo and in the Right part is the View Card Slot and a USB Port covered by a Flap. And just below the extreme edge of the Front Panel is a Red LED line which glows in downward direction, when the STB is ON and further adds to the beauty of the STB.

Back Panel : At the Back there are the following connectors: Power in, Composite Video/RCA, RF Out, Component/YPbPr Video, HDMI – fixed at 576p, Analog Audio, Digital Audio/SPDIF-Coaxial, USB, Telephone in, Ethernet Port and 2 Antennae/LNB in Ports along with a Antennae Out Port.
There is also a fan, which doesn’t spin though.

Recording Features:
160 GB inbuilt HardDisk with upto 100 hours of Recording, though actually, it may go upto 110 hours.
Multiple options of viewing and recording :
Watch one programme while you record another
Record two programmes while you watch one of them
Record two programmes while you watch a third previously recorded programme
Pause upto max. of 100+ hours, depends on disk space
Rewind paused content
For First time in India, Schedule programmes to Record automatically even if the TV is switched off, using Mobile or Internet
Record from anywhere – use your cell phone or Internet to browse for programmes and schedule recordings
Record all the episodes of a programme automatically (Series recording)
Schedule recordings for a specific time interval (Time-based recording)

Airtel Hd Tv Menu Screenshot:

Recorder Settings Menu Screenshot :

Very important Info ....
Thanks xboyraj for sharing this..
Nice and very Important info.
Thanks xboyraj.
[Image: http_i63_tinypic_com_20iuhbc.jpg]
Recorder is not fully HD capable but only fixed at 756 p
unable to see the pic... Bang Headnalsirmarna:

Imageshack ........... Imageshack
................. :Shoot:
(15-04-2011, 12:08 PM)mystic Wrote: unable to see the pic... Bang Headnalsirmarna:

Imageshack ........... Imageshack
................. :Shoot:

I hv uploaded the image again with tinypic again and edited the post...see nowSmile
[Image: http_i63_tinypic_com_20iuhbc.jpg]
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  • skm30 (30-12-2013 10:49 PM)
Guys....good news !!!
Airtel to launch Star HD channels by end May !!!
(06-05-2011, 01:32 AM)subhrobiswas Wrote: Guys....good news !!!
Airtel to launch Star HD channels by end May !!!
how u know ? they add these channel in may end ?

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