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DDF Exclusive: Sundirect HD Channels Snapshot July 2015
Hi Friends,

Yesterday i have activate hd pack in my sundirect hd stb ,

Sundirect HD Channels New Snapshot

Suntv HD ,Channel No:960

[Image: Sundirect_HD_123.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_138.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_29.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_19.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_30.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_36.jpg]

Ktv HD ,Channel No:961

[Image: Sundirect_HD_93.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_117.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_147.jpg]

Sunmusic HD ,Channel No:962

[Image: Sundirect_HD_97.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_87.jpg]

Discovery HD ,Channel No:964

[Image: Sundirect_HD_1.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_59.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_133.jpg]

NGC HD ,Channel No:966

[Image: Sundirect_HD_83.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_56.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_4.jpg]

Star Movies HD ,Channel No:968

[Image: Sundirect_HD_81.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_99.jpg]

ZEE Studio HD ,Channel No:969

[Image: Sundirect_HD_68.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_102.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_104.jpg]

Sony Six HD Channel No:970

[Image: Sundirect_HD_107.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_128.jpg]

Star Sports HD1 ,Channel No:972

[Image: Sundirect_HD_8.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_53.jpg]

Star Sports HD2 ,Channel No:974

[Image: Sundirect_HD_76.jpg]

Gemini TV HD ,Channel No:975

[Image: Sundirect_HD_52.jpg]

Star Plus HD,Channel No:976

[Image: Sundirect_HD_9.jpg]

[Image: Sundirect_HD_114.jpg]
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Nice snapshot @Vicky bro
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  • Vicky (10 Mar 15, 02:31pm)
Very Nice Snap Shot Vicky Bro Clap
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  • Vicky (10 Mar 15, 03:49pm)
Superb Snapshots @Vicky Bro Thumbs Up
MD SarfaRaZ Kh@N
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  • Vicky (10 Mar 15, 09:27pm)
Superb SS Vicky bro
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  • Vicky (10 Mar 15, 09:27pm)
[Image: IMG_1877.jpg]
uploading pictures

[Image: IMG_1878.jpg]
screen capture tool

[Image: IMG_1879.jpg]
photo host

[Image: IMG_1881.jpg]
post images

[Image: IMG_1883.jpg]
how to do a screen shot

[Image: IMG_1884.jpg]
upload pics

[Image: IMG_1885.jpg]
free upload pictures

[Image: IMG_1886.jpg]
free image uploading

[Image: IMG_1887.jpg]
windows 7 print screen

[Image: IMG_1888.jpg]

[Image: IMG_1889.jpg]
free photo upload

[Image: IMG_1890.jpg]
gifs upload

Enjoy friends ! Joy
Bishnu15- Exclusive to DDF. Me and DDF a perfect combination, my addiction. Joy Love
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Awesome snapshot @ Bishnu broClapClapClapClapLoveLoveLoveThumbs UpThumbs UpThumbs Up
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  • Bishnu15 (27 Jul 15, 11:32pm)
Good ss Bishnu bro.
+Reps for you...
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nice work @bishnu bro Thumbs Up
Satellites Receiving --> ABS2 @75e, Telstar18 @138e, Turksat3A/4A @42e, Eutelsat 36B @36e, Yahsat1A + Express AM22 @52.5e, Eutelsat 70B @70e, Eutelsat 25b + Badr5 C.Asia beam @26e, Afghansat1 @48e, Thaicom 6 @78.5e, Eutelsat 7B, Eutelsat 10A, Express am3 @103e, Apstar7 @76e Cool
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  • Bishnu15 (27 Jul 15, 11:51pm)
Excellent, screen shots Bishnu15. U r doing awesome work for Sun Direct
TATA(SKY, Isko Laga Dala Tu Life Jhenga Lala Joy
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  • Bishnu15 (28 Jul 15, 12:16am)

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