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Government rolls out Arasu Cable TV’s services in Chennai.
Government rolls out Arasu Cable TV’s services in Chennai.

Chief Minister J. Jayalalithaa on Saturday rolled out the State-run, multi-system operator Arasu Cable TV’s services in Chennai, in what was a signal of preparedness ahead of the impending October 31 deadline for the four metros to switch to digital transmission of cable TV signals.

A press release issued by the government said the Chief Minister inaugurated the service through video conferencing.

The Multi-System Operator (MSO), which was originally launched in September last year, currently has around 58 lakh subscribers in various parts of the State. For Chennai, 100 free channels would be offered for Rs. 70, and additional pay channels can be chosen on payment.

Sources in Arasu Cable TV said they were in the final stages of firming up the tender contract for procuring the digital set-top boxes. Arasu Cable said 2,000 local cable operators had already registered for its services. Some of them have started collecting an advance of Rs. 500 from the end users for set-top boxes.

Arasu Cable has said it would distribute the set-top boxes on a first-come-first-served basis.

Chennai is estimated to have close to 40 lakh houses having cable TV.

In the press release, the government noted that the Arasu Cable TV had been launched to strike down on certain monopolistic practices.


The Hindu : States / Tamil Nadu : Government rolls out Arasu Cable TV’s services in Chennai
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  • Greatkarthik (21-10-2012 12:05 PM), Karthik (21-10-2012 12:27 PM)
Waiting for my cable guy to contact me with the details on STB for Arasu cable, else i will find a cable guy who offers this service.... Hurray....

Seems that the war has just been triggered from Arasu end, donno if SCV will counter this with a free STB offer....need to wait and watch for the next 1 week...

On this same lines arasu got all the LCO from the south, so we can expect the same in chennai, also SCV will do anything to save their subscribers as this will be a huge loss for them, so within a day or two we can expect SCV to do some magic to keep pace...
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We have to pay 500 rs for set top box

Good news for chennai viewers
(21-10-2012, 12:05 PM)Greatkarthik Wrote: We have to pay 500 rs for set top box

Yes, it may not be the full price. Arasu are yet to finalize the deal for the tender and only then we shall know the full price of the STB. What i heard was that the first tender was so high for the STB at Rs 2,300 whereas Arasu was expecting something around Rs 1300 - 1500.

This first come first server sucks, they should be ready with 30 lakh STB if need be so, they cant say its like a ration shop, so wait and wait for your turn.... and the stock is over now....

LCO's can supply it superfast but only Arasu seems to be the slow one....when we pay the price we want it early... hope they understand....

Hope the cable doesn't go dark after 31st.
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(21-10-2012, 12:27 PM)karthik Wrote: Good news for chennai viewers

Looks like... I too hope so...
"Tests take time. Treatment's quicker."
(21-10-2012, 11:53 PM)pearlpearl Wrote:
(21-10-2012, 12:27 PM)karthik Wrote: Good news for chennai viewers

Looks like... I too hope so...

Again no clear info on STB full price, how to get this service, absolutely nothing...

The stupid website still says "The LCOs are requested to remit the amount before 15.10.2012 so that orders
can be placed with STB vendors."
though the date has passed 10 days ago...

so they have started the service but its a magic on how to receive or see it and it is a big mystery if they actually have any plans for the STB...

Just 8 days more for the 31st... but still they are dumb.... Damn

Will wait till 31st and will move to a DTH mostly if the cable goes dead...

The LCO dont seem to like Arasu and still saying that they wont make it and none connected to them...

The best way for Arasu to do business would be to reachout to the people directly through ration shops or EB shops or through an announcement through media or press and make some contact with the people... im sure that atleast 75% will respond positively if SCV comes with no other big offers...
"Tests take time. Treatment's quicker."
Today is 29, just 2/3 days remaining.. still my cable guy hasnt reached me.... no notice nor any contact.... in his last contact he said tht "i can get SCV only and if i dont then still my cable wont go blank on 31st and he has no updates from Arasu so cant talk abt it".

SO will it still be extended with the new minister on charge?? This really sucks...

I cant go with SCV cause they dont offer me a pack tht i want, all they have is an useless pack or a pack with more than half of channels tht i dont understand.....

all i want is a pack with all the eng and sports channels for 200 rs PM for 1 tv and 300 rs for 2 tv's....only Arasu seems to have this list but it still hasn't started the service to all areas and no news on STB.......
"Tests take time. Treatment's quicker."

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