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Help: Can anyone tell the difference between DVB-S2 and DVB-T2
I came across this term DVB T2 for first time 
Can anyone tell me what it is and how it is different from DVB S2  Question
Is it commercially available to end users?
DVB-T2 is the latest version of digital terrestrial tv transmission.

Terrestrial transmission means telecast of tv channels without satellite, mostly using fixed antenna stations.

Doordarshan telecast is an example of terrestrial transmission. So far doordarshan was using anologue terrestrial transmission.

Recently doordarshan started digital terrestrial transmission in test mode. DD has started using DVB-T2, latest technology. (DVB-T is the older technology, which is still in use in many south American and European countries.)

The advantage of digital over the analogue technology for terrestrial are :
1. More number of channels can be transmitted. (upto 100-150 channels possible)
2. Small size antenna only required at receiver side. (portable antenna with micro USB connector available now which can be directly plugged into mobile phones)

According to various news website reports, Doordarshan is preparing for a 100+ channel bouquet service in DVB-T2. It will be a free service like DD Freedish.
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And DVB-S2 is the current days technology of Satellite based tv transmission.
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Thanks Rishithulyan for your detailed response.
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DVB S2 - Digital Video Broadcast Satellite 2nd Generation.
DVB T2 - Digital Video Broadcast Terrestrial 2nd Generation.
DVB S2 normally used as satellite transmission tuner.
DVB T2 is terrestrial transmission tuner. Most of the new TVs have in built DVB T2 tuner.
After many tests, Doordarshan broadcasting eight channels in Delhi on DVB T2 and are available for TV and Mobile.
For old TVs we need DVB T2 STB and antenna. For new TVs with in built DVB T2 tuner we need only normal indoor antenna which cost nearly Rs 500/700.
To get DVB T2 on Mobile a special DVB T2 dongal is required and we can get it without Internet. At present available in fourteen cities in India.
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Nice explanation Thank

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