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How to Adjust the Shutter Speed on a Nikon D60 Read more: How to Adjust the Shutter
1.Turn the mode dial on the top of the camera to "S" to place the Nikon D60 in "Shutter-Priority Auto" mode.

Rotate the command dial on the upper right side of the back of the camera to adjust the shutter speed. Turning the command dial to the right will increase the shutter speed, while turning it to the left will decrease the shutter speed. The shutter speed setting will change in the viewfinder or on the shooting information screen.

Use a fast shutter speed when taking pictures of moving subjects as it will reduce blur in the photograph. You can take the picture normally, without a tripod, as the faster shutter speed reduces the possibility of camera shake. Fast shutter speeds are generally 1/250 of a second and higher.

Place the camera on a flat, level surface or tripod when taking pictures at a slow shutter speed as camera shake, which causes blur in photographs, is easily picked up at slow shutter speeds. Slow shutter speeds are generally 1/60 of a second and lower, and are most helpful when shooting in low light situations because they allow more light into the camera before the shutter is tripped.

Read more: How to Adjust the Shutter Speed on a Nikon D60 |
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