ABP News Network Rebrands Itself As ABP Network

ABP News Network on Thursday announced its decision to reposition its brand identity from ABP News Network to ABP Network. Making the announcement, Avinash Pandey, CEO, ABP Network said: “I am thrilled to announce that, as a part of this ongoing evolution, we are changing our brand identity from ABP News Network to ABP Network! A reinvigoration and brand makeover that will help in transforming our business in pursuit of the goal of becoming a sustainable and effervescent entity.”

ABP News Network Rebrands Itself As ABP Network

“Through our new identity ‘ABP Network’, we will be bigger and better in every way. While maintaining compatibility with ABP Group’s original heritage and prestige, we will simultaneously embrace digital capabilities and become future-ready,” Pandey said.

Further in his announcement, Pandey said that perennial growth remains part of company’s DNA. “While ANN has always been the holding name for our suite of news channels, ABP Network will expand its offerings to allied spheres as a part of the reoriented focus,” he said.

Pandey also announced the launch of ABP STUDIOS, which he said, will be the fulcrum of company’s transformation. “This will be our first foray into creating, producing and licensing original content outside of news for this fast-evolving media landscape and dynamically changing consumption pattern of our audience,” Pandey said further.

“Our mission is to turn ABP STUDIOS into a brand that is synonymous with path breaking content that enlightens, engages and entertains with relatable and reimagined pan Indian stories for a national and international audience,” he said.

The new logo, Pandey said, reflects the delicate balance between solidity and change, clarity and simplicity, derring-do and narrative, permitting news channels, shows and media products to shine in their own light.

“Our new journey will be driven by the ability to inspire people, spark imaginations and enlighten minds! It is, indeed, a new ear for our company. Nonetheless, we will remain committed to providing all our stakeholders with the same exceptional level of service, respect and dedication to quality-prime pillars on which we founded our company,” he added.

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The Unhappy Penguin
The Unhappy Penguin
1 month ago

So, we can expect ABP News HD soon?

Last edited 1 month ago by The Unhappy Penguin
Arasu Kannagi Basil
Reply to  The Unhappy Penguin
1 month ago

Unlikely at this point of time.

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