BBC Global News India introduces BBC India Bouquet at Rs 4

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BBC Global News India Private Limited, a subsidiary of the British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) has introduced ‘BBC India Bouquet’ in India earlier this year. The bouquet was notified as per the Interconnect Regulations in mid-February when BBC Global News India intimated the broadcasting watchdog on the reintroduction of its Kids channel CBeebies in India, however it currently remains unavailable on major DTH and Cable TV platforms wherein both BBC World News and CBeebies are beaming.

BBC World News Logo

‘BBC India Bouquet’ will be available to subscribers at Rs 4 per month excluding 18% GST. The bouquet carries both BBC World News and CBeebies. BBC is currently in talks with platforms to introduce the bouquet onto their platforms wherein both BBC World News and CBeebies are carried.

ChannelsMRP (excluding taxes)
Rs 4

CBeebies which officially relaunched earlier this month has been available on multiple platforms since April start with CBeebies currently reaching out to 33 million households.

CBeebies and BBC World News are both carried by multiple platforms including Tata Sky and Sun Direct. The combined a-la-carte rate of CBeebies and BBC World News comes down to Rs 6 which will make the ‘BBC India Bouquet’ at Rs 4 a viable and more attractive option for consumers.

Incase, you wish to see the ‘BBC India Bouquet’ soon on your platform, then you may reach out to your distribution platform operator demanding the ‘BBC India Bouquet’ and drive up the demand.

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Aditya Yadav
Aditya Yadav
4 months ago

Please , note down when BBC Cebbies will enter dish tv

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