BBC Global News partners with Formula E to bring fan stories to life in new online films

BBC Global News partners with Formula E to bring fan stories to life in new online films

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BBC Global News and Formula E have launched a partnership to produce a set of pioneering online films to bring the all-electric motorsport to a new, digital audience around the world showcasing meaningful fan stories from behind the scenes of the 2020/21 ABB FIA Formula E World Championship.

The content will tell the story of a newly emerging global sports fan base shining a light on the role Formula E is playing in the global conversation around electric vehicles with the benefits of achieving a net-zero carbon footprint and the importance of inclusivity and ethical principles.

“The fans are at the heart of any sport and Formula E has a highly engaged and unique global following – much like the BBC. This landmark partnership with Formula E represents a new kind of film production for us and we’re excited to shine a spotlight on Formula E’s passionate supporters by uncovering their remarkable tales and using our unrivalled storytelling skills to share them with the world.”

Sean O’Hara, Executive Vice President of Advertising for BBC Global News

Fans are encouraged to share their most memorable Formula E experiences by uploading them online which will be developed into original short films that will be housed on a dedicated content hub within the BBC StoryWorks website throughout 2021-22.

BBC Global News’s state-of-the-art facial coding technology will be used to track the audience’s emotional engagement and identify a new community of Formula-E fans.

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