China installs Spyware on Tourists’ mobile phones and collects all data

The GuardianVice, and The New York Times have reported that China has been secretly installing spyware on some tourists’ Android phones.

While entering the country Chinese Border Agents take cell phones of Tourists with their passwords. Thereafter they scan iPhones by plugging into a device which scans all data of that phone, for androids they install a Spyware app called BXAQ or Fēng cǎi which scans and collects all data from your phone like Contacts, Call History, Messages, User ID of different apps, etc. and upload it to a server.

Apart from stealing your data, it scans for over 70,000 files which include Islamic State’s publications, Excerpts of Quran, Dalai Lama and a Japanese Band.

These incidents took place at certain crossings in the Xinjiang region. After scanning and uploading data the app was meant to be deleted so that no one notices it but Border Agents seem to have missed deleting it, as a result, we came to know about this today. 

App Icon –

App Scanning for files –

Pic Credit: Motherboard

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