CNN’s Inventing Tomorrow explores changing consumer habits amid social distancing

Throughout history, pandemics have led to radical innovation and change. From drone deliveries to augmented reality, retailers are becoming more innovative amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.

CNN’s Inventing Tomorrow explores changing consumer habits amid social distancing

In the latest edition of Inventing Tomorrow, CNN’s Kristie Lu Stout explores the world of e-commerce and the disruptive technologies which are changing consumer habits amid social distancing measures.

As more countries begin to emerge from lockdown, the gap between our online and offline lives has never been closer. Lu Stout speaks to Chris Tung, the chief marketing officer at Alibaba, about the lessons in e-commerce from China, which includes utilising live streaming as a marketing tool and a new model of social shopping via platforms such as Pinduoduo.

Inventing Tomorrow sees how Israeli start-up Zeekit is utilising augmented reality to bring fitting rooms into our homes as CNN’s Anna Stewart samples the technology herself, which is also being used by ASOS and Adidas.

Lu Stout also examines how e-commerce companies are changing the way products are delivered, as well as how they’re sold. CNN speaks to James Burgess, the CEO of Wing – a drone delivery system operated by Google’s parent company, Alphabet. Burgess tells Lu Stout that the company has seen an expansion of 500% to its service since February as it delivers medicine, food and other essentials across three continents.

Safety for both consumers and employees has become even more of a priority in recent months, and CNN hears from Heather MacDougall, VP Workplace Health and Safety at Amazon, about how they’ve adapted procedures to protect their workforce across the business.

Airtimes for 30-minute special:

Saturday, June 20 at 10:30am IST

Sunday, June 21 at 09.30pm IST

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