Colors Bangla launched new mythological show “Mangal Chandi”

Kolkata: Colors Bangla had launched a new mythological show “Mangal Chandi”. Starting from 5th August this show is airing 6 days a week from Monday to Saturday at 6 pm for half an hour.

The show is about the legend of Goddess Chandi and her deep-rooted bond with her worshippers. To establish her devotion Devi Chandi (Played by Madhuja) conspires to make Dhanapati (Played by Shamik), a powerful merchant and an ardent devotee of Lord Shiva her devotee, by making him fall in love with her devotee Khullona (Played by Adrija Roy).

But Devi Chandi’s plans take an unexpected turn, and she decides to rain down her wrath on the young couple to teach them a lesson, ensuing a rigmarole between a Goddess and devotee.

Rahul Chakravarti – Business Head, Colors Bangla and Colors Odia, said, “Bangla audience enjoys a well-balanced variety in their entertainment with shows that offer shades of drama, reality, mystery, romance and more. But mythological shows have been universally appreciated and cherished due to their strong cultural influence. Mangal Chandi is a visual treat that presents an enthralling folklore which combines high-scale production quality, top-of-the-line VFX effects and a powerful ensemble cast to bring an entertaining mythological show for viewers.”

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