Comedy Central India Celebrates Father’s Day with Special Series ‘CCPapa’

Kids have the most curious minds, and with that curiosity comes an unending list of questions for their parents. Some questions can be the most naïve, some a cute memory to reminisce while some would make fathers sweat nervously.

Comedy Central India Celebrates Father's Day with Special Series 'CCPapa'

‘What is Republic Day?’, ‘What is feminism?’, ‘What makes you happy?’, ‘How are babies made? are just a few of those probing questions from their quiver.

For over a year, Comedy Central India has created one such series of funny yet relatable tales through #CCPapa, that would probably reprise cherished memories of your own or might remind you of another father-daughter duo from your neighborhood.

This Father’s Day the channel celebrates with another hilarious yet adorable take on a father’s fear of his daughter’s next question and their special relationship.

Catch the entire series here;

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