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Recent content by AsitPaul

  1. AsitPaul

    Good News Jio TV added 33 New Channels

    HEADLINES TRIPURA Available For A Long Time on JioTV.
  2. AsitPaul

    Internet Shutdowns Costing Telecom Operators Crores in Lost Revenue

    How are opeartors losing? Instead users are losing data & sms
  3. AsitPaul

    Six Channels Temp FTA

    Temp FTA from DishTV 11462 H 12500 1) Zee Punjab Haryana 2) Zee MP CG 3) Zee Salaam 4) Zee Bihar Jharkhand 5) Zee Rajasthan 6) Zee UP/UK Thanks a lot.
  4. AsitPaul

    Good News SUN TV working in DD FREE DISH

    I can see it on SOLID HDS2 2100 PRO
  5. AsitPaul

    Breaking News RT Movies added in DD Free Dish

    Picture toh Sadhna ka ho hai!
  6. AsitPaul

    Breaking News DD Free Dish to carry Bangladesh TV

    This is promised back in 2015. Hope add this time. It will strgegthen bi-lateral relation.
  7. AsitPaul

    DTH Updates 40th eauction for R1 slots announced.

    Along with these Channels, BTV Bangladesh will be added too.
  8. AsitPaul

    DDF Exclusive Doel TV (Bangladesh) Coming Soon!

    A New Satellite Channel From Bangladesh Coming Soon named as Doel TV ( দোয়েল টিভি). Doel is a species of Bird. But, DOEL TV means Destination Of Easy Life. As mandated by Bangladesh Govt, the Channel will be uplinked on Bangabandhu 1 Satellite @119.1°E on cBand. A KuBand Transmission is also...
  9. AsitPaul

    Good News All Bangladeshi Channels to Migrate into Bangabandhu 1 WEF 12 May 2019

    As per various News Reports and NTV (Bangladesh) Channels, BRTC mandates each and every Channels to Migrate into Bangabandhu 1 WEF 12 May 2019. Also, within next Six Months, All Channels will be converted into Pay Mode. Currently, BD Channels are using Apstar 2R, state-run BTV is using AsiaSat...
  10. AsitPaul

    Breaking News "K News" Added on Independent TV

    It's an HD CHANEEL YAAR! (1080P)
  11. AsitPaul

    Seeking Help ABP Ananda Transponder

    ABP ANANDA Please Let Me Know The TP Details. TIA
  12. AsitPaul

    DDF Exclusive BARC TRP Week 47

    Write your reply...Just one Query : How can BARC Ratings be DDF EXCLUSIVE? PLZ Ans Bros
  13. AsitPaul

    Satellite Updates Three Channels Added on Bangabandhu 1 (KuBand)

    TWO :HD Channels are available 10927 / V/ 5000 Ekattor TV :HD 10940 / V / 5000 DBC NEWS :HD
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