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  1. avipersistent

    Sun Direct added 5 channels

    Yes recently dropped from Dishtv and Airtel.A good hindi music channel.
  2. avipersistent

    Breaking News 7 Channels Added By DDFD

    From DishTV some snapshots dnd dice needed
  3. avipersistent

    Poor PQ in SD Channel

    Its off topic but need to just say with new TRAI rules the broadcasters have increased their prices and now its not affordable for HD channels leave SD channels which were costing 19 Rs and after viewers started to look for affordable packages it has taken a hit. When you see channels like...
  4. avipersistent

    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    So its now known Dishtv had defaulted on payments to ZEEL and thats the reason no new ZEEL channels like ZEE Telugu HD,Zee Classic,&Explor HD etc are not launched on Dishtv and the status quo will remain till the payments are cleared by Dishtv. Source : DreamDTH news portal.
  5. avipersistent

    DDF Exclusive Wow Music Rebranded as " I Love""

    So after 1 year now Ilove will be launched on DD Freedish. 1 day to go.
  6. avipersistent

    Poor PQ in SD Channel

    That may be the reason you are not seeing the difference as both not being 4K. .
  7. avipersistent

    Poor PQ in SD Channel

    But Is your box 4K or TV 4K to check the difference.. If one of them is there ,you should see the difference according to previous posts.
  8. avipersistent

    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    These channels are only for 3 months. Out of them wow music is of only interest and the other ones are good but cater most to regional audiences.Showbox is already there present on dishtv.
  9. avipersistent

    Poor PQ in SD Channel

    What is the difference in prices with regards to normal HD box and also if you have a 4K TV then using a superior HDMI cable can solve the issue.Is it correct.
  10. avipersistent

    Discussion General News & Updates About Tata Sky

    Kindly ask these questions in General Discussion Thread of Tata Sky.As & Explor HD is made available/going to be made available on Tata Sky you will notified first on DDF.Also channel is not present on dishtv,only available on Airtel.
  11. avipersistent

    Breaking News BJP formed government in Maharashtra [Now resigned]

    Now this phrase needs rephrasing to Everything is fair in love position politics and war
  12. avipersistent

    Breaking News Sony is in talks to buy a stake in Ambani’s Network18

    Turner is not distributed by ZEEL . They were doing it previously now its Indiacast/Viacom who is distributing it.
  13. avipersistent

    Breaking News DTH/Cable TV Set Top Box Portability to be a reality finally by Dec 2019: TRAI

    In fact yes @ramesh sky bro this will have a lot of savings where the DTH operators can share the satellite and transponders but very difficult to implement.
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