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    General Discussions & news about Reliance Digital TV

    Reliance digital tv or Independent tv? Has the time come to change the name in main thread?
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    Got an Offer call today for my Inactive Tata Sky

    Almost 2 or 3 months passed. Sorry unable to find call log.
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    General Discussion about Airtel Digital TV- For any HELP & Issues

    Zing LCN 501, is it a new addition or LCN change or available for long time. Just come to my notice.
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    Reliance Digital TV Signals Are Back

    Some years back I paid 250 rupees or more for a single 2g/3g internet. All in a sudden a revolution of 4g with free offers started. I thought such a kind of thing is coming in DTH industry. But I now regret for the same.
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    Reliance Digital TV Signals Are Back

    Same question from my side to. RDTV users doesn't seem to have anything to discuss. My 500 preregistration gone.
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    Reliance Digital TV Signals Are Back

    Might have misunderstood. In reference to post#11, you told"I checked and verified" that prompt me.
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    Reliance Digital TV Signals Are Back

    Only FTA channels available , due to non-payment is mentioned in thread, that's y. So I have doubt , how many will subscribe by spending hundreds for free channels. Also I don't have a RDTV, but ordered for one. There website shows big monthly charge. So I asked about that information. Also you...
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    Got an Offer call today for my Inactive Tata Sky

    Note a bad idea. In my case I have an Airtel connection of a family, who stayed in my home in past for rent. When they left, they haven't took this STB and connection.
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    Reliance Digital TV Signals Are Back

    Are they still charging big hundreds per month for viewing FTA channels. My 500 booking charge gone like a wind. Still no update of Installation. Told to wait till May 15. No senior department available, not even able to speak good English. So sad.
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    Bought new Airtel HD connection

    You took SD or HD box
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    Liberty box insatallation process with st2satelite

    I think they will leave the monoblock lnb. otherwise all d2h subscribers need to get monolnb and it will be a burden for them. I think ST2 have sufficient space to allot all leased transponder to Antrix instead of multiple transponders.
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    Got an Offer call today for my Inactive Tata Sky

    I once rejected the same. now they send the same again.
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    Got an Offer call today for my Inactive Tata Sky

    Ultra Pack at 2100 rupees for 6 Months. Ultra Pack at 3500 rupees for 12 Months. HD Access Fees at 1050 for 6 months and 1925 for 12 months. My current DTH is airtel and is running on infinity pack and It expires on 29th April. Also Accidentally booked a Reliance Digital TV with Free channel...
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    Breaking Antrix cuts signal to Reliance Big TV

    What's the point in keeping customer care team, if they have no plans to pay the lease amount of to.
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