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    Breaking DSPORT back with Discovery; Lex Sportel is out of the deal.

    Any source link? Did they bought the rights?
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    DTH Updates Airtel Launched "All Channels Pack" @ ₹1675 Per Month

    I did say it will only get worse and prices will increase more in future but some people said it will be dropped in 2 months, now 6 months over and I am still waiting for their forecast to become reality. All those Nostradamus who predicted the decrease in price.
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    FTA Channel Chooser

    Seeking Help - How to drop FTA channels? Here it is. I can't drop the FTA channels if I select the tatasky packs but when I select my own packs I can add and delete the FTA channels.
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    FTA Channel Chooser

    If you select your own pack you can choose FTA channels. If you are selecting tatasky packs you can't select the FTA channels. I also have that problem and I posted a thread last month about this same issue. It is what it is.
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    BARC TRP | Week 14

    Also they packed their bouquets very intelligently in such a way that they are mainly catering to the audience of the specific region. Their plan is working successfully even though they over-priced their bouquets and they will not stop here and may increase the pack prices by 5 rupees or such...
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    BARC TRP | Week 14

    Incredible Star India. Much satisfied with the rating and over satisfied with the pricing. I will not be surprised if they hike the price of their bouquets in few more months with the response they are getting.
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    Sad News Dishtv thrashes it's customers with 30 days lock in period for every Paid channel on its platform

    Its just the beginning and other DTH operators will follow soon. This whole regime is bane in the boon.
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    DDF Exclusive News18 channels a-la-carte MRP slashed

    Cable and DTH operators will rip the customers as they have got the free hand with this new rule. Majority customers don't know about these price slashes and they can loot as they wish for few more days. These kinda things won't work in our country but government is reluctant to force everything...
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    DDF Exclusive Eleven licenses granted by MIB on 25 March 2019

    Star gold itself is struggling with ratings, without great library it will not be successful.
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    DDF Exclusive Eleven licenses granted by MIB on 25 March 2019

    We know what happened to star movies action channel, its fate was such it shutdown in 1 month. Name itself doesn’t sell the channel if there is no content.
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    Breaking TV Monthly bills drop down under new rules :TRAI Chairman R S Sharma

    Even if they reduced each channel price to 2 rupees we will still be paying more than before if we want all the pay channels(we will be paying around 1000 rupees where as before we use to get all the channels for around 650 in tatasky). This future reduction talk is same as a saying in Telugu “...
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    Seeking Help How to drop FTA channels?

    I have subscribed for 65 pay channels in total.
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    Seeking Help How to drop FTA channels?

    Yeah, it is what I am asking, how to limit or drop the NCF channels. It is not giving me the chance to select NCF channels or I am not understanding how to do it.
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    Seeking Help How to drop FTA channels?

    No, its charging me 176 rupees even if I chose broadcaster packs. Look at here the packs which I selected: Currently Subscribed Packs x Discovery Basic Infotainment HD - Monthly 11.80 TV18 Telugu Budget HD - Monthly 18.88 Zee Prime Telugu - Monthly 23.60 ETV Bouquet 1 - Monthly...
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