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Recent content by dinee

  1. dinee

    Which channels do you want Sun Direct to add?

    Even if we tell also they won't add competitors channels due to their own group of channels trp getting affected. In tamil Nadu mostly sun channels were watched.
  2. dinee

    Sad News AXN SD & HD Shutdown

    In sundirect channel is not shown in menu bar itself for both sd and HD.
  3. dinee

    Sad News Sun News HD removed

    May be they have been testing trp of HD channel.
  4. dinee

    Sun Direct General Discussions, Help & Queries

    Lcn changed for all sun group of channels. For ex gemini TV is placed at lcn3
  5. dinee

    DTH Updates SUN DIRECT LCN changed Tamil channels list

    There seems more lcn vacant are they going to add tamil channels or just keep the space vacant...
  6. dinee

    Breaking Sun News HD added on LCN 803

    Since to increase trp of Sun news they may be giving it for free to HD box customers
  7. dinee

    Sun Direct General Discussions, Help & Queries

    Sun news added in HD lists at lcn803
  8. dinee

    Sun Direct General Discussions, Help & Queries

    It's available in dpo2a pack
  9. dinee

    Kite Victers channel added on Sun Direct

    It's an educational channel for tamilnadu students
  10. dinee

    DDF Exclusive English Movies Premiere updates

    What about in tamil?
  11. dinee

    Sad News Pack price

    In cmg days will they add new channels in all dpo packages or they will continue with existing channels addition made during lockdown.
  12. dinee

    World Tamil TV Premiere

    Pattas in sun tv on May 1st at 6.30pm.promo started...
  13. dinee

    Sun Direct General Discussions, Help & Queries

    are they going to add those channels in future or its just updated.any info regarding this bouquets...
  14. dinee

    Sun Direct General Discussions, Help & Queries

    sun direct gave many channels (regional+sports+English movies) under 200rs. Tats the plus point for sd.
  15. dinee

    6 channels added to DPO1 on Sun Direct

    website updated with addition of channels in all packages...
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