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Recent content by dinesh19

  1. dinesh19

    Good News RBI to make NEFT available 24x7 from next year

    Regarding IMPS, this service can be availed from branch as well as netbanking. But IMPS service through branch is not always successful
  2. dinesh19

    Good News RBI to make NEFT available 24x7 from next year

    I want to give clarification regarding account number. Not all banks have 15 digit numbers, it vary from bank to bank. For the example you have given, in 15 digit account number , its not the first 3 numbers but its first 4 numbers belongs to the particular branch of the bank. Bank code set by...
  3. dinesh19

    Seeking Help Suggest best laptop for gaming around 50k

    Guys, please suggest best laptop around 50k for gaming. Thanks in advance..
  4. dinesh19

    Discussion Redmi Note 7 - Redmi Note 7 Pro

    Camera implemetation will be poor i think..because last year they teased redmi note 5 pro like this mobile..in sheet, camera specifications were good, but in reality camera quality is not upto mark. Similarly, this time also .......
  5. dinesh19

    Seeking Help Suggest best mobile below 40000/-

    One plis 6t is better option? Your comments please..
  6. dinesh19

    Seeking Help Suggest best mobile below 40000/-

    Guys, please suggest best mobiles below 40000/- and mention why it is best..
  7. dinesh19

    Sad News Amritsar train accident: At least 60 dead, several injured

    In this incident, there is no falut of railways..
  8. dinesh19

    DDF Exclusive TataSky Telugu Cinema SD & HD added

    This service is completely waste. They are premiering new movie, exactly one week before it will telecast in maa tv. All other movies are repeatedly telecasting in maa movies and maa gold. Crap service
  9. dinesh19

    Sad News Many Sony channels removed from Tata Sky due to breakdown in contract negotiations (Sony Six HD Readded)

    I think , its high time..we have to teach lesson to tatasky. Its only possible with our beloved forum members.
  10. dinesh19

    Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 - Redmi Note 5 Pro (News, Discussions & Updates)

    Ordered Redmi note 5 pro on yersterday's flash sale.it will be delivered by saturday.
  11. dinesh19

    Happy Birthday dinesh19

    Thank you everyone for your wishes. Yes, I was active in year 2015.. But after i got job in 2015, I am busy with work..But as a matter of addiction, regularly I am visiting this forum,say, every day, atleast once.. దీపు...చాలా ధన్యవాదాలు
  12. dinesh19

    Jio Welcome Offer now available to all 4G devices.

    @dinesh jain, can you post recent speed test results? Your pic shows, its of september 2nd.
  13. dinesh19

    Happy Birthday dinesh19 Bro

    Thank you all for your heartfull wishes..feeling happy....
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