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    Looking to upgrade DishTv Mpeg 2 SetTopBox

    But I ask the CC about same. He told me it will be chargable 499 rs. +gst. I refused then. So according to me mpeg2 to mpeg4 upgrade is not free.
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    Seeking Help Xstream box is not getting power on.

    Today i got swapped box with old remote. But my remote is not working as Bluetooth only IR connection. Like old remote. How can i pair my remote with box? Thanks in advance
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    Seeking Help Xstream box is not getting power on.

    Xstream logo light is off always. No it was display problem in tv.
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    Seeking Help Xstream box is not getting power on.

    Hello friends i upgraded to Xstream box last month. My tv had fault from last 15 days so i didn't switch on my tv and box. Today when i switch on the box it was just dead. When i give the power supply to box it gives just on red blink on wifi indicater and then box is not responding. Also not...
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    DDF Exclusive Airtel Xstream Box Hands On! Review

    Then it will be difficult for my parents to find their fav channels.
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    DDF Exclusive Airtel Xstream Box Hands On! Review

    My one more query is that is it display home channel after power on. For ex. I m watching a channel and suddenly power get off now when i will restart the box will it take me to home channel or just on home screen?
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    DDF Exclusive Airtel Xstream Box Hands On! Review

    1.Can we tune to channel by voice command if yes then how please elaborate 2. The remote works on Bluetooth or not? Like in fire stick we need not to point towards it.
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    DDF Exclusive Dish SMRT Hub & Dish SMRT Kit Price & FAQs live on Dish TV website

    Will it be available in big cities only like airtel xtream box ?
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    Discussion I Booked Airtel Xstream 4K HD Box for Upgrade.

    I asked the CC for upgrade as i m using hd box. She told me that xstream box is not available in ur area. bad thing from Airtel. why it is not available everywhere ?
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    Discussion Airtel Xstream Box availability at various cities

    CC told me its not available in your area so you can't get. What rubbish😠
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    Good News Finally Switched from Dishtv to TATA SKY

    After Trai new rule many of our friends are coming to TATA|sky family. Welcome all of u
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    Dish TV General Discussions Thread

    Just because dishtv is providing some channels from dd free dish like which are paid by broadcasters like aaj tak,Star sports first, sony wah. So if i take 153 ncf only will i get these channels free??
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    Breaking Tata Sky applying new TRAI tariff order in website

    Thanks And will they charge on daily basis like if i go for Star Sports 1 in 22.42 on match day and if i remove it on next day what will be charge?
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