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Recent content by gsguru

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    Mono block Lnb not catch 88e satelite signal

    Dish tv mono block lnb works with 88e & 95e both. You need to place monoblock second slot as primary slot(95e will be on port 2) after that tilt the lnb to right down till it touches rod you will get all signals ok,(no need to change dish position from 95e)
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    List of STB Firmwares that can be flashed to Solid HDS2X 8181

    After flashing firmware did you get EAC3 (dd+) audio.
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    Purchased solid hds2 8181

    E-ac3(dd+) & ac3(dd) are different audio formats
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    Purchased solid hds2 8181

    Is this box support E-ac3 (Dolby digital plus audio) & dolby atom audio.
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    Discussion H264 vs H265 Video Quality for HD Channels

    M Matter is not only video quality, bandwidth saving is also important in H.265 both are achieved.
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    Can you recharge child connection without recharging parent connection?

    No, but you can separate child connection
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    My New And First globalset 888 plus Fta stb Firmware Dump File Add.

    The software is for GX6605S-NK board, some members has flashed it for old GX6605S board.
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    Funny problem with my tata sky reception

    Its lnb scew problem,
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    Discussion set top box contains GX6622 board

    Which settop box contain.GX6622 board and capable of playing HEVC contain.
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    1506t reciever wanted

    You can buy Wezone 8007 as it already had 1506t chipset, either you can buy Champion 4000 hd box which having 1506G (be careful as se name 4 settop boxes with different chipset so while buying check for chipset), Also solid 6141 Pro is also having 1506G chipset.
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    Purchased Pagaria 101 HD stb

    I would recommend to buy HEVC(H.265) capable dvb-s2x settop box for long term viewing.
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    Anyone using Solid HDS2X 8181 settop box ?

    Anyone using Solid HDS2X 8181 settop box ?
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