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Recent content by jayanji

  1. jayanji

    General Discussion about Airtel Digital TV- For any HELP & Issues

    Channel request:- Vh1 HD MTV Beats HD MTV HD+
  2. jayanji

    DDF Exclusive 6 HD channels will be added(4 added 2 left )

    Great addition awaiting music HD channels
  3. jayanji

    DDF Exclusive Alert!!! For ARP Users Don't Add Any Channels/Boquet to Your ADTV Account

    I'm {name}, your Airtel experience advisor. I'm writing to you regarding your request about the plan not being changed for your Airtel DigitalTV account xxxxxxxxxx. We would like to inform you that the new tariff regulation from TRAI has been implemented from 1st Feb’19. Please go to...
  4. jayanji

    Good News BeIN Sports makes Atmos pledge

    BeIN Sports is planning to make Dolby Atmos available regularly on its sports coverage after successfully trialling the next generation audio technology, The IBC Daily has learned. The Qatar-based broadcast network completed a live public Dolby Atmos test during the UEFA Champions League final...
  5. jayanji

    Breaking KTV HD added lcn 757 by airtel

    Great news & Long waited addition, but no surround sound. 👍
  6. jayanji

    Good News Happy Birthday Optimus_Prime Bro

    Happy birthday[emoji512][emoji322][emoji320]
  7. jayanji

    DDF Exclusive Maa Movies HD Telugu Channel Added in Adtv ..

    Dolby digital plus 5.1 Audio
  8. jayanji

    Good News Happy Birthday Jay Vithlani Bro

    Happy birthday[emoji512][emoji322][emoji320]
  9. jayanji

    Happy Birthday mmadhankumar bro

    Happy birthday[emoji512][emoji322][emoji320]
  10. jayanji

    Happy Birthday Bapun Raz Bro

    Happy birthday[emoji512]
  11. jayanji

    Happy Birthday Gssran Bro

    Happy birthday
  12. jayanji

    Happy Birthday shawl_who Bro

    Happy birthday
  13. jayanji

    Happy Birthday Vicky Bro

    Happy birthday
  14. jayanji

    General Discussion about Airtel Digital TV- For any HELP & Issues

    Month end or starting HD channel addition planned :- give the news with LCN. One thing is sure before 14th there will be addition of malayalam channel
  15. jayanji

    General Discussion about Airtel Digital TV- For any HELP & Issues

    So today is dry day & no need to wait for exclusive updates [emoji27]
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