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Recent content by JollyLNB

  1. JollyLNB

    Breaking LCN changed for Tamil Channels

    Why should only Sun TV HD be in the single-digit region? Why not Gemini TV HD, Udaya HD or Surya HD?
  2. JollyLNB

    DDF Exclusive Kannada Serials and Reality Shows Update

    No. It is a fan-made creation of @react bro.
  3. JollyLNB

    DTH Updates All Tamil lcn changed Tomorrow

    Very surprised to see 2-digit LCNs being used for the first time in the DTH world, since Dish TV stopped using them for HD channels. Also good to see devotional channels being brought together and this clearly means a big reshuffle at least for the South languages. This is the first big LCN...
  4. JollyLNB

    Discussion List of Hollywood movies channels unavailable in India

    Off-topic: Every time @kskies2 bro writes anything it is pure gold. Especially with regard to the meticulous punctuation (and the consistent usage of U.S., e.g., etc.). On-topic: @Mithun62 bro, it is no use trying to compare American movie channels to ours. It is better to see what movie...
  5. JollyLNB

    Breaking Sun News HD added on LCN 803

    In 2011, Dish TV claimed to have 35 HD channels. SInce there were not more than 15 true HD channels at the time (mostly from Star), the majority were upscaled. All the upscaled HD channels were removed by the end of 2011. Another was Zee Café HD which was promoted in 2012 but launched only in 2015.
  6. JollyLNB

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    Okay then. Gulabo Sitabo has been updated with the text Direct release on Amazon Prime. Bollywood Satellite Acquisitions (2010–present).xlsx
  7. JollyLNB

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    As per this, only the following two are updated.
  8. JollyLNB

    Discussion Will Sony change it's TV channel logos in India similar to UK logos after Sony LIV revamp

    Even though the logos are fake, we have to admit that this is the path SPN should take when designing new logos.
  9. JollyLNB

    Sun TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV, Udaya TV and Sun Bangla removed and replaced with info channels

    @Chezhiyan bro, please edit the thread title. In its current form: Sun TV, Gemini TV, Surya TV, Udaya TV and Sun Bangla removed and replaced with info channels It seems as though these five Sun network channels have been removed and info channels have been added in their place. Rather, it is...
  10. JollyLNB

    DTH Updates Sun TV HD moved to LCN 005; HD Info Channel removed

    Always found the HD channel LCN arrangement of Sun Direct to be strange. The South channels take up so much space (800–869), then all the Hindi, Marathi and Bangla HD channels are squeezed into 870–901. Most likely this is a temporary move.
  11. JollyLNB

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    Great news then. I was concerned reading the below news on Omerta that those who don't have an Airtel DTH or Fastway connection will not be able to watch this spectacular channel.
  12. JollyLNB

    Discussion Satellite rights of Hindi movies

    BTW, @dino29 bro, I have checked everywhere in DDF and OnlyTech for Zee5 removing the live stream of &xplor HD but found nothing. When did you notice this news?
  13. JollyLNB

    DDF Exclusive AXN SD & HD Discontinuing By Broadcaster wef 30th june 2020

    This is another reason why SPN desperately wants to find an Indian partner, whether Reliance/Network18 or someone else. Currently it is fully owned by the Sony Corporation and it might be trying to sell off loss-making subsidiaries.
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