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Recent content by juxtapG

  1. J

    Discussion IPL running free in HD on Yahsat

    Has anyone successfully received this near Chitrakoot or Allahabad?
  2. J

    Vu Uno 4k Se sale new piece

    Cannot send PM, not enabled! :confused:
  3. J

    Breaking Hathway (Mumbai) to launch 16 service channels

    Kiddo Toons Kiddo Rhymes Kiddo Movies Kiddo Toons Marathi K-Pop K-World Hindi South Hindi Action Chefy Bhojpuri Movie Bengali Cinema Hollywood Action Marathi Songdew Hollywood Action Hindi Hollywood Action Gujarati Hollywood Action Telugu Hollywood Action English Source
  4. J

    Good News Zee Cafe Celebrate 20th Anniversary

    Seems to be more of a publicity stunt! It's fun to see the old logos anyway.
  5. J

    Discussion Gtpl Box Swapped Scheme

    Can someone translate this please?
  6. J

    Mono block Lnb not catch 88e satelite signal

    Correct the LNB skew and dish tilt. Edit: Dish TV mono-block LNBs have 5 degree separation, so it will not work with 95E + 88E ensemble.
  7. J

    Breaking Pksports on yahsat

    It seems to be a relayed broadcast of Ten Sports with a logo overlay. I wonder how do authorities let this slide!
  8. J

    Hunted Arabsat5A located at 30°e

    What's your location and dish type/size?
  9. J

    Is there a way i can report piracy about an IPTV service to Airtel ?

    What do you mean by piracy? Airtel would have already stopped it already.
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