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Recent content by Kalyan_1980

  1. Kalyan_1980

    Breaking Colors TV HD Feed Logo Removed (Temporary)

    What are you trying to say? :unsure:
  2. Kalyan_1980

    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    No. How to do that?
  3. Kalyan_1980

    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    Actually the issue is worse now, if i try to Volume +/_ from TV remote, then "Not Available" text is display in TV.
  4. Kalyan_1980

    Good News Tata Sky Binge + installed | User Interface, Set Top Box Snapshots

    Does this box support HDCP 2.2 version, then only 4K video will be played.
  5. Kalyan_1980

    Ordered tatasky binge+

    How much?
  6. Kalyan_1980

    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    I tried with spare HDMI cable, but still no luck.
  7. Kalyan_1980

    Seeking Help No Audio in TataSky HD Settop Box

    For the past couple of days, my HD STB has no sound. Only Video is playing. I check my TV, its playing video files with audio. Only problem with TataSky STB
  8. Kalyan_1980

    Barc trp week 29

    Yes, you are correct. Even now a days more streaming services are available without ads. I am using Amazon Prime and Netflix to watch movies. I stopped subscribe English movies in DTH.
  9. Kalyan_1980

    Discussion What Happened Star World premiere HD

    Almost a year gone after last post. What happen to that channel?
  10. Kalyan_1980


    Is this a new channel? How come it become no 1 in a week?
  11. Kalyan_1980


    How all of sudden CNN become number 1?
  12. Kalyan_1980


    May be... In my home i did not subscribe to Sun Channels. I subscribe only Zee Tamil HD and Star Vijay HD in Tamil pay channels.
  13. Kalyan_1980


    Tamil Top 5 Programmes Rank Channel Name Programme Impressions (000s) Week 22 1 Sun TV NAAYAGI 8297 2 Zee Tamil SEMBARUTHI 7978 3 Sun TV KANMANI 6846 4 Sun TV ROJA 6567 5 Zee Tamil YAARADI NEE MOHINI 6419 This week Sun TV impression are very low... Sun TV 708370
  14. Kalyan_1980

    BARC TRP | WEEK 20

    But this applicable to Star Vijay and Zee Tamil too... Then their rating are also under estimated.... :)
  15. Kalyan_1980

    BARC Ratings | Week 19

    This happens some times, even Discovery Kids made top 5 in few months back. During Quarterly, Half early and Annual Exam holidays the Kids channels rating have some fluctuation.
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