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Recent content by knd1983

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    Satellite Updates "Trace Sport Stars" & "Trace Urban Asia" started from Asiasat 7

    The broadcaster lines up their programs and transmits... We cant change anything... Just receive what they transmit in our region.
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    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Zee Keralam, Zee cafe [both encrypted] and from APSTAR7 also has about 62% signal. channel named "itahari" also was scanned, just 32% signal.
  3. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Got UNTV and TVK Cambodia from Measat! Got DD* channels from GSAT30 (vertical TPs). Very fine tuning may be required to get more (because, I get 3859H6921 on a 6ft dish, main lnb at 68 and thus GSAT30- 83E on a side lnb).
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    Satellite Updates "Trace Sport Stars" & "Trace Urban Asia" started from Asiasat 7

    U mean.. We somehow replace asia version with france version!!??
  5. K

    New TV Channels Added on Chinasat.10

    You have done PHd on these channel availibility!!!
  6. K

    Breaking new test mpeg 4 slot added

    Cant get a snapshop of which doesnt exist and name also changed upon autoscan!. Sorry!
  7. K

    Breaking new test mpeg 4 slot added

    It is running alright on C-BAND @ 83E. May not discontinue, It was an upgrade!.. But it is not there on DDFD. Scanned afresh now after reading here :)
  8. K

    Purchased solid hds2 8181

    slidmegmall is also theirs only. solid.sale has link to megamall earlier.
  9. K

    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Yes. I gave a try to possibilities from East to West.. Asiasat @105 gets almost all transponders when sky is clear. But Filmi and Sahara One always available. 90cm Dish not enough was my thought too. But ST 2 at 88.0°E C band is so strong that I get it in 2ft dish Ku dish comfortably- was one...
  10. K

    Seeking Help frequent weak signal quality during bad weather

    KU band is prone to weather changes. A bigger dish may delay the signal loss...
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    want to add more frequency in settop box

    Are you asking if we would like to add... Or do you want help to add that transponder???
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    GSAT30 C band on 90cm Dish- Not worth.

    Hi! I tried to get GSAT30 @ 83E on 90cm Offset dish. [After searching a lot, got a airtel dish that is used on apartments as per the shop guy, cost 1150 INR].. Vertical TP are easily available, Horizontal TP are almost impossible. The results are not good if compared to having a side LNB for...
  13. K

    Good News Girgit tulu movie added on LCN 660 and 209

    I doubt. The channel should be a satellite channel. Namma TV is a local channel without satellite transmission... [It is available in Tatasky APP but not DTH..]..
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    Ku band reception BER nil

    NIL BER is good! No bad bits received. Did you try rescan? May be channel parameter has changed since last time you had scanned??? Regards.
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    Breaking "Live Today" added on DD Free Dish

    This year has been a bhojpuri and news year! I don't dislike bhojpuri. Surprised that no broadcaster of any other language is interested. There are so many FTA tamil/malyalam channels. For me, very less kannada FTA but PUBLIC music/movies/news kasturi tv...would have attracted a bit of...
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