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Recent content by kreadysharma

  1. kreadysharma

    Help regarding dishtv pack

    Can someone help me to change my pack. I have made a pack by selecting BST NORTH + some paid channels but some of the channels under BST north are showing not subscribed. The pack getting activated is GUJRATI FTA PACK. THE customer care executives are unable to solve the problem.
  2. kreadysharma

    Are you happy with new (2019) TRAI based satellite tv plans?

    Earlier I was a pick by channel dishtv subscriber. I used to pay for every category of channels with main 5-6 Hindi entertainment channels, 2-3 hindi movie channels, 2 english movie, 3-4 english entertainment and 1-2 sports channels. This package was costing me around 200₹ per month. But now for...
  3. kreadysharma

    Is it possible to register 2 different dishtv box with same mobile number?

    yes, i have 3 connections on same mob no.
  4. kreadysharma

    Seeking Help Info about the reset password

    can someone give me default reset password of logical eastern set top box?
  5. kreadysharma

    software upgraded n some hd channels running free now.

    software just upgrade on my zenega dish hd + set top box now to v03.64- 5.32 version n some hd channels running free now
  6. kreadysharma

    Regarding Multi TV connection

    Around 800.
  7. kreadysharma

    Game on OR Full on HD with NEW DISH99

    I tried to activate game on hd & Full on hd pack on new dish 99 pack but doshtv app asked to activate one entertainment add on to activate hd packs. No info regarding it is given on dishtv website.
  8. kreadysharma

    Game on OR Full on HD with NEW DISH99

    U need to activate one entertainment add on pack for activating any hd pack on new dish99 pack.
  9. kreadysharma

    Dishtv biz dealer app update

    Can someone with a dealer id can downgrade others' pack?
  10. kreadysharma

    HD Packs now starting @ ₹ 65 + 15%ST* Per month

    15% service tax for 65 is 9.75 That means 9.75 + 65 = 75
  11. kreadysharma

    Sahara One and Alankar TV moved from MPEG2 To MPEG4

    in case someone wants to exchange his sd box. Just order a new dish hd+ connection costing abt 750 rs with a 25% discount to a new user on ebay.in. An hd pack of price 750 is also available with it. After activation, change pack using dishtv app . I did same and got new universal remote, new...
  12. kreadysharma

    HD Packs now starting @ ₹ 65 + 15%ST* Per month

    RE: HD Packs now starting @ ₹ 65* i think they are updating pack prices. A new hd prime add on pack is also available at 99 per month. It includes all hindi tv entertainment and hindi movies channels. (11 hd channels) consulted from customer care executive.
  13. kreadysharma

    FTA channels without recharging

    hi, i know the old trick. what are the changes in new trick? PM me
  14. kreadysharma

    'Swagat Pack' launched by dishtv(Other under Rs200 packages also updated in post]

    RE: 'Swagat Pack' launched by dishtv There are some other packs too on dishtv app. Does any1 know which channels are in hd prime add on pack?
  15. kreadysharma

    FTA channels without recharging

    Is the trick blocked now? if it is working, please share details in the private message with me.
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