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Recent content by Nitin Sawant

  1. Nitin Sawant

    DVR slowness and hang up issues

    same happening to my TS+HD box
  2. Nitin Sawant

    Tata sky USB port

    Tata sky has USB port I wonder how to play songs/movies from pendrive/Portable hard drive using tata sky box
  3. Nitin Sawant

    [Pics] My Openbox s10 HD Pvr

    @Gssran: Can you post list of channels you are getting from diff. satellites? are you able to watch paid channels too
  4. Nitin Sawant

    Do we get starhub signals in india?

    yes they provide the signals through satellite too. I was thinking about buying the box The latest Gen 6 Black FYHD HD800C-VII Starhub cable HD TV receiver in Singapore 1. Don't know whether the box is compatible with my [email protected]@sky+ dish 2. Confused whether I get the signals guide if u know...
  5. Nitin Sawant

    Where to get Dreambox 800HD SE in mumbai?

    Which is best STB in india to get more hindi & english channels? Openbox vs Dreambox or some other STB Where to get the Motorised dish, Diseqc & the STB in mumbai? price? :wall can we use existing [email protected]@sky+ :hd dish to connect to the FTA set top box(Dreambox HD800)?
  6. Nitin Sawant

    [Pics] My Openbox s10 HD Pvr

    Openbox HD vs Dreambox HD which is better?
  7. Nitin Sawant

    Do we get starhub signals in india?

    Do we get starhub(singapore) signals in india? :huh
  8. Nitin Sawant

    please help

    buy DD direct plus to watch all FTA channels legally in india
  9. Nitin Sawant

    [Pics] My New STB : Dreambox 800 HD PVR

    Excellent. How you are using it, with which dish? does this work with existing tata sky dish? what channels you are getting?
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