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    Good News New Content on hotstar

    They don't care actually. All the VIP and Premium members should open up. Many of their regional shows are not available on time. Which are supposed to be on the platform by 6 AM. Mostly the Tamil and Malayalam shows.
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    Good News New Content on hotstar

    Do they respond to their Twitter handles?
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    Zee Media launches Zee Hindustan's Tamil & Telugu audio feeds

    So the channel will be having news marquee in Hindi and Audios in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi? Most of the south Indian people don't even know how to read Hindi. And if they're planning to put up the news graphics in English, there is no point for a regional language just for audio. I seriously want...
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    Breaking News TV Channels Showing Subtitle & Audio Description

    Does anyone have a SS of Subs showing in any South Indian tv channel like Tamil or Malayalam?
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    Discussion Malayalam TV channels General Discussion,News,Updates-existing and upcoming

    Raj Music Malayalam showing Tamil movies during Sundays.
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    Breaking News Hotstar is self censoring any jokes against Disney

    Hotstar is worse these days. Most of the Malayalam shows which are supposed to be available for the VIP/Premium consumers are not available from the morning. And the much-awaited Avengers is showing with just Dolby Stereo, not eve 5.1 Surround. And the picture quality is very bad compared to...
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    Breaking News "FM News UP/UK" will be Added on Tata Sky w.e.f 26th Nov.

    It happens a lot in Kerala. Remember the ATE Tv from the UAE based company? that channel is showing Harvest Tv's content (Probably leasing their license) the Same thing happened to M -Star Satellite Communication's Malayalam GEC. Which produced movies Like Love Action Drama and SErials Like...
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    Seeking Help Sony LED TV Displaying Pop Up Ads.

    Can you tell me what's it and how to disable it then?
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    Seeking Help Sony LED TV Displaying Pop Up Ads.

    My Sony LED Tv which is weirdly started showing popup ads. The fun thing is my TV is not even supports Wifi. Can someone help me how to fix this? I'm attaching pics from my side. [/IMG]
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    Widevine L1 Supported Phones

    I'm using K20 Pro with widevine L1 support. Still Prime video isn't working with HD.
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    Discussion Malayalam TV channels General Discussion,News,Updates-existing and upcoming

    Can someone share the Malayalam graphics for ISL?
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    Hotstar Fails to Keep the Promise

    When Hotstar launched their PRemium plans like VIP and Hotstar Premium, they offered all the regional soaps will be available from 6 AM on the same airing day. But when I checked their Malayalam shows, most of the shows are not available in the platform yet. Especially shows like Unnimaya, Badai...
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    Good News Happy 60 Years of Doordarshan

    Hope they will rebrand the channel with a new logo.
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    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Ishq now streaming on Prime video.
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    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Kumbalangi nights now streaming on Amazon Prime
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