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Recent content by niyasmkkv

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    DDF Exclusive List of Defunct/Shut Down Channels with Logos

    Malayalam Channels 1. Bharath Tv (BTV) - Logo not available 2. MET (Middle East Television) 3. Asianet Global 4. India Vision 5. YES Indiavision 6. Tv New 7. Prabhatham News 3D 8. SS Entertainment
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    DDF Exclusive List of Defunct/Shut Down Channels with Logos

    Guys, Let's use this thread to update the list of defunct/shut down channels with logo and other details. It will be helpful for someone.
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    Discussion Are Carriage Fees Destroying New Channel's Business?

    Do you guys believe that carriage fees are subtly killing the business of startup tv channels? I remember many Malayalam channels were struggling to make their reach to a wider audience just because of these heavy carriage fees. Still many FTA channels are not available through DTH/cable tv...
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    Ramayan Cast Responds to DD's False Claim

    Apparently, the news about the world record viewership for Ramayan was false news. And it's quite surprising that a national channel made such posts through their social media handles. Moreover, BARC, the official agency that reports viewership data said they had ‘no idea’ on what basis DD made...
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    Seeking Help Any Information about the New Malayalam Channel, Channel 2?

    Channel 2 was an infotainment channel mainly focused on agriculture and farmers and was available through Insta 4A @83 E. The channel is not available in any DTH or Cable network and couldn't find any website for the same. Does anyone know anything about this channel? Is it still available in...
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    Good News Asianet is Telecasting Disney Movies and Fox Stars' Selected Hindi Movies with Malayalam Subs

    In order to regain the top spot, after loosing to Surya TV for the first time in the history of Barc ratings, Asianet is trying hard to come back with their parental company's movie collection. The channel already had the world television premiere of Disney's latest hit, Dumbo even before on...
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    DDF Exclusive DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!

    Can someone do these graphics ( Now Playing, Sponsor title and all) for Raj Music Malayalam?
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    Discussion Malayalam TV channels General Discussion, News, Updates

    Who else thinks that Surya should follow the path of DD Retro like launching a channel for their exclusive old shows. This lockdown actually showed how the viewers are interested to watch their old soaps like Kayamkulam Kochunni, Sree Guruvayoorappan and etc. And Sun networks has channels like...
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    Intelsat 17 @ 66* East Channel List With TP Details

    Media One Gulf and Flowers International stopped its transmission?
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    Discussion Which was the best DD Logo So Far?

    For me the best logo were these two.
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    Discussion Which was the best DD Logo So Far?

    We all know that DD has changed their logo couple of times. Even after conducting the online Logo competition the senior most officers couldn't select a decent and attractive logo for the channel. Which DD logo was your favourite one?
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    Discussion Malayalam TV channels General Discussion, News, Updates

    Kappa Tv showing movies at Saturday 1.30 PM Today's movie :Kid Krrish.
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    DDF Exclusive New Malayalam TV Shows and Reality Show Updates

    Kaumudy Tv to start showing movies from tomorrow. Monday special movie @3.00 - Chembarathy
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    Good News SS Music relaunching soon

    No updates so far. Seems like they are more interested in the digital platform than a satellite channel.
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    Discussion Malayalam TV channels General Discussion, News, Updates

    Most of the local Cable Tv channels have better graphics and VJ's than Raj Musix Malayalam. Programmes are so bad. Especially the VJ's. Why do we need VJs? Yes Indiavision was much better without a VJ and songs collection. Now Raj Musix has updated the songs. That's the only relief.
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