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  1. Pin2

    Which is the best Cband LNB for 6 feet prime focus dish?

    I am planning to buy a Cband dish and LNB ,what things do i need to keep in mind while buying?? Off set vs prime focus dish?? LNB ::Double polarization,noise,gain etc??
  2. Pin2

    Palapa-D C Band Channels

    So don't u tune to asiasat 7 , intelsat 20,yahasat..
  3. Pin2

    Republic Tv Becomes No.1 English News Channel In India.

    He has got something special.. A paradigm of journalism..
  4. Pin2

    Happy Birthday shawl_who Bro

    Happy birthday shawl brother..
  5. Pin2

    Sony Pix HD Running on FW Live's Slot.

    FW live 1(ch no:550) running sony pix hd.. Which satellite are you talking about?
  6. Pin2

    {Pics}HBO HD, Animax HD, AXN HD many more FTA on Thaicom6

    Are those channels still running as FTA?
  7. Pin2

    Tracked Yahsat in 3 minutes from Dish TV position

    Where are you getting yahsat signals?? Size of the dish?
  8. Pin2

    Asiasat7 & intelsat20

    How about intelsat 20 n intelsat 17 with yahsat 52 (Ku band LNB)??
  9. Pin2

    List of 51 satellites tracked by me

    RE: List of satellites tracked by me Do we need a powervu enabled box to watch Sony and discovery channels on intelsat68 ? Or we need not to do anything as those are completely FTA..
  10. Pin2

    List of 51 satellites tracked by me

    RE: List of satellites tracked by me What are the best satellites related to hindi and english stuffs You have come across?
  11. Pin2

    Can I track Yahsat 52E in Ghaziabad, 10Km away from delhi?

    Hi friends,[emoji120] I am new to this forum[emoji4] I am going to buy a C band dish n LNBs ,one for the Asiasat 105 E and another for Yahsat 52 . My concerns are: 1, Will 6 feet be enough to capture yahsat n asiasat 105 as these 2 satellites are at different locations, I live in ghaziabad...
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