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Recent content by Rajat Basak

  1. Rajat Basak

    Discussion What's your fondest memory with AXN?

    Maybe 15 years ago, I watched Mighty Joe Young (1998) on AXN at 6.00 am. I still remember that morning. I woke up early for my yoga class but didn't go because the gorilla was roaming around the city.. 🦍
  2. Rajat Basak

    Article FYI TV18 and FYI TV18 HD to shutdown on 8th July

    Oh noooo.. it was one my favourite channel. I really loved cake making and house decoration.. what are they doing? I mostly like english channels. I also watch history TV18 and Sony bbc Earth. Very sad. They're shutting down my favourite channels one by one. That's why I hated Trai rules. And...
  3. Rajat Basak

    Shaktimaan to be back with a sequel

    Yes they won't hesitate to pay for it. It's already a super hit shows.. Only problem is advertisement revenue which are shrinking because of lockdown, economic slowdown and channel price war with Trai.
  4. Rajat Basak

    Shaktimaan to be back with a sequel

    What about Allu Arjun? Looks little similar like Mukesh Khanna.
  5. Rajat Basak

    DDF Exclusive DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!

    @Jaiwardhan Singh Hi you can show your logo creating talent in this thread specially for this purpose.. DDF Exclusive - DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here!
  6. Rajat Basak

    Discussion Should all SD channels adopt 16:9 ratio broadcast?

    16:9 broadcasting is the future but if they want to broadcast 4:3 content without side black bar and stretching they have to crop the 4:3 video to 16:9. Which will look like they zoomed it.. Recently I did the same thing to my old 4:3 photos..
  7. Rajat Basak

    Discussion What has gone wrong with big broadcasters?

    I like educational shows too. That's why we love Sourav Ganguly's Zee Bangla Dadagiri, Amitabh Bachchan's KBC. But no quiz shows for kids. ABP Ananda has a show for school kids (Sunday maybe) which is hosted by Parambrata Chattopadhyay..
  8. Rajat Basak

    Breaking SPN Sports is now SONY SPORTS in its social media handle

    Is that mandatory to carry ESPN brand name? Disney can provide all sports content under "Star Sports" brand and S.S. Select channels for international matches... I don't want any new sports channel because I can't take all. Also I never remove a channel.
  9. Rajat Basak

    I did a channel search and all the FTA channel dissapeared,What to do?

    Are you getting good signal quality? You can factory reset it from settings...
  10. Rajat Basak

    Breaking Classic shows re-telecasting on DD National and DD Bharti to entertain lockdown people during COVID-19 outbreak in India

    Yes B.R. Chopra's Mahabharata was the best classic ever. I watched it on Rupasi Bangla probably 3 years ago.. Don't know much about Ramayana..
  11. Rajat Basak

    Discussion Who would you like to be brand ambassador of your favourite dth brand?

    Anyone from non film background. They are more hilarious. I like to see a middle class people or unknown face in a ad. It also saves their money. Look they also have to pay for advertisement revenue to broadcaster because we remove channel after 1 day. So we can't expect Bollywood face on every ad.
  12. Rajat Basak

    Discussion General News & Updates About Tata Sky

    Can we paint our dish antenna if it get rusty?
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