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Recent content by sac_1990

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    Sad News Colors pack channels

    me too facing bro...they are updating crm pack..will be available soon
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    Sad News Indiacast issues disconnect notice to independent tv

    kaat diye saare channels..indepedent tv ka diwaliya nikal gya
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    Discussion TRAI asks DPOs to switch-off pay channels of non-complying customers from 7 Feb

    what about those who having long duration packs, then company will force to change it otherwise they will switch off pay channels
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    DDF Exclusive Independent TV approaches Antrix for grant of 3 more transponders

    u dont need to pay rs799.. pay according to new trai regulations for new installation charge rs 350 only and for activation rs.100 only
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    upgrade set top box

    yes absolutely bro this is the reason
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    upgrade set top box

    company is saying that trai has made it mandatoy to upgrade box..is this true.??
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    upgrade set top box

    yes pq is very good as compared to idtv box
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    upgrade set top box

    me too is usimg the old one box..bro with 2 years unlimited plan..so what to do now
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    upgrade set top box

    yes bro they are asking different prices from customer to customer as they are asking rs. 370 also for the same
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    upgrade set top box

    they are playing with emotions of customer in the name of trai but trai hasnt made any mandatory related to normal set top box should upgrade into hd.
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    Sad News End of Freedom Plan on Independend TV/Big TV

    please tell us the source
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    upgrade set top box

    is this trai rule or company wants to loot money for upgrading as their box are not sell nowadays after end of freedom pack
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    upgrade set top box

    old reliance set top box need to upgrade as per new trai rules displaying on my tv screen again and again since today. help me out in this guys
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    Sad News End of Freedom Plan on Independend TV/Big TV

    means all customer have to recharge with new packs amount
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