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Recent content by sai.kmohan

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    About Zee Telugu HD

    I didn't understand the message,can you tell me when it will be launching
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    Tatasky Testing "Maa HD"

    Bro.   What about. ETV HD. WHEN it Will be add in Tata sky
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    All Channels Free Now - 10th year celebrations..

    I am planning to upgrade my HD STB to HD transfer STB.Is there any special offer on this special occasion ??
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    10th year anniversary celebrations of tata sky..

    Any offers on transfer Setup box ????
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    mVisa 50% Additional Balance Offer

    How many times can recharge per month to avail this offer bro??
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    "MAA HD" (M Test) Started From Asiasat 7 (Star Network)

    How long it will be in the test mode
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    3 More Link Channels Added on Tatasky Tp's

    what it means...
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    Technicolor HD STB software updated

    Hi Bro ,How long does it takes to get content copying to STB. Can you explain the procedure  a bit elaborate
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    How to use VOD on tata sky Plus

    Hi Bros , I have manually updated huwae STB software and enable VOD option. But videos are not yet copied on my STB. Please let me know how to  download videos. And also my Huwae STB software is 106 .Is it latest software? if not then how to get latest software Thanks in advance
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    Got new software update

    Thanks Iqbal,ihave updated.  STB manually. I have seen those options on my STB as well. Please let me know how to use ready to play service
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    Got new software update

    Mine is huawei STB , but its not updated to new version of software,still my STB release ID showing  as 105 any suggestions
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    " Maa TV, Maa Music, Maa Movies & MAA Gold" Started From Asiasat 7

    Hi  @GSSRAN   Bro ,is this indication of launching HD variants??????
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    How to disconnect Videocon D2H get refund money

    Hi Victim Bros , They agreed to give my amount back.Back end team called me and  asked my address and mobile number. Refund not yet happen,am still waiting for their response. Let you know if i get any updates
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    Discussion General Discussions, News & Updates On Indian TV Channels

    RE: General discussions on TV channels news Hi bro When is MAA TV HD launch date???????
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