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Recent content by shawl_who

  1. shawl_who

    WWE News & Updates

    u forgot d "yo,yo" in d start.... :lol:
  2. shawl_who

    WWE News & Updates

    Shad and JTG, formed a gr8 tag team, Cryme tyme... They had an awesome entrance theme.....
  3. shawl_who

    Happy Birthday my dear Thambi and our Admin, Bapun Raz bro

    Happy bday to Bapun bro.. :hs:
  4. shawl_who

    Breaking Fox Sports Asia to be rebranded to ESPN

    so no matter what, ESPN will make its presence felt in our lives !! Good news !! :cheers: is it coming back with STAR, as STAR and FOX are kind of sister concerns
  5. shawl_who

    Seeking Help Can Anyone tell what satellites is this

    may be some testing satellite
  6. shawl_who

    Happy Birthday Gssran bhai

    Happy bday to Gurpreet Singh Sran Paaji... :win: :hs:
  7. shawl_who

    Discussion BARC TRP Data | Week 16

    slowly Republic bharat is making its way to no.1 :skd: shouting n screaming is def helping arnab :blush2:
  8. shawl_who

    Breaking Actor Rishi Kapoor Passed Away

    what is happening, first Irffan khan , now Rishi Kapoor !! End of an era !! :sad:
  9. shawl_who

    DDF Exclusive B4U movies, B4U kadak will be removed

    part payment paid... :lol: What did I tell all of u... haha :em:
  10. shawl_who

    DTH Updates Eurosport HD Added at LCN 305

    Nice positioning of plants, above the speakers !! :lol:
  11. shawl_who

    General Chat Thread

    content writing.. wow.. seems interesting :)
  12. shawl_who

    Breaking Classic shows re-telecasting on DD National and DD Bharti to entertain lockdown people during COVID-19 outbreak in India

    Actually, for few of these series, DD doesnt own rights for them now. Its the production house, that owns these serials... so dont expect them to be aired on DD. I saw, some production house has uloaded "THE STONE BOY" on youtube, about an year back. Similarly, tehkikat is also available on...
  13. shawl_who

    WWE News & Updates

    Its Orton, not orden !!! :lol::blush2:
  14. shawl_who

    General Chat Thread

    How are you, @timkamat sahab, seen u after so long :)
  15. shawl_who

    Sad News WWE has released multiple employees

    Matt Hardy has also recently joined AEW, couple of weeks back :win: Jeff will also come soon, he was injured, so his contract got extended by 6 months with the WWE.
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