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Recent content by shawl_who

  1. shawl_who

    BARC Ratings Week 45 (2020)

    coz there's no macho guy, like siddharth shukla, this time around, all we have is beta and gamma males - jaan sanu, abhinav, ejaz.. hahaha Only Rahul is somewhat alpha male !! :lol:
  2. shawl_who

    BARC Ratings Week 45 (2020)

    bigg boss 14 ?
  3. shawl_who

    Tracked 97.3E in 2ft dish

    Agreed... For years I watched only 12 channels on Yamal 55e, just bcoz all were gud russian channels... rather than watching hundreds of useless channels !
  4. shawl_who

    Pathan | Shahrukh Khan, John Abraham

    I dont think, anyone is interested in SRK anymore !! SRK and Aamir Khan days of being hero are gone.
  5. shawl_who

    Can We Catch HBO Afgan from 97 E

    ofcourse yes, its available on 2 ft only !
  6. shawl_who

    Breaking W.e.f 14th November 2020, B4U Music, B4U Movies, B4U Kadak and B4U Bhojpuri will not be Available in ADTV

    d game has again started wid B4U and airtel !! :lol: I think one permanent sticky thread should be made on this topic... !! :blush2:
  7. shawl_who

    BARC Ratings Week 42(2020)

    OMG !! That means more drama is awaiting in the coming days !!
  8. shawl_who

    BARC Ratings Week 42(2020)

    bigg boss, is wht I m concerned about !!! Is its TRP growing ?
  9. shawl_who

    West Indies Cricket Board yet to find a Media partner

    What about Trace Sports !! :lol:
  10. shawl_who

    Breaking Xstream Box now at 2499

    I personally am not in favor of netflix kinda stuff, everything is available on d net for free... why pay for it !! btw, how r u bhat ji, long time, no see :hello::hs:
  11. shawl_who

    Breaking Xstream Box now at 2499

    it was 2200 something for airtel users ...lolz !! I ll not buy, unless they give it for free to me !! :dodgy2:
  12. shawl_who

    Discussion What are some channels you think deserves a shutdown?

    Agreed. Actually news channels arent to be blamed entirely, we are also equally playing our part. Bhakts want to watch zee news, while anti ones wants to watch NDTV. Google functions d same way, it suggests d articles, one wants to read, if they 're pro - party, google suggests, pro news... if...
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