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Recent content by sivadoss

  1. sivadoss

    Good News "Dhinchaak 2" officially Launched Now

    I think Tamil Dubbed Movie running..!!
  2. sivadoss

    DDF Exclusive Kannada Movie Premiers

    Ugadi dina in udaya tv??
  3. sivadoss

    Puthiya Thalaimurai Express granted TV license by MIB

    Puthiya Thalaimurai Express Logo👇
  4. sivadoss

    Discussion Kannada Serials and Reality Shows Update

    Its a Tamil Nadu's No1 show - cook with comali kannada remake.. Celebraties with cooking unknown people(comedians) added and cooking program.
  5. sivadoss

    R.Bangla granted TV channel license on 5th March 2021

    Next BJP Target States(Odisha, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Kerala) we will expect soon Republic regional language channels from that BJP target state.
  6. sivadoss

    Breaking Tv9 Tamil & Tv9 Bangla Testing Mode Started

    MIB approved Tv9 Tamil. So expect Tamil New Year(April 14th).
  7. sivadoss

    TV9 Tamil, ND24, and Channel 36 UP/UK among 6 license renamed by MIB

    How to check MIB list.. Plz send website link and how to Check..
  8. sivadoss

    Discussion General Discussion about Tamil TV channels-Current and Upcoming

    Already Sun News HD available in SCV.
  9. sivadoss

    Breaking TV9 TAMIL set to launch in 2021

    I think its a TV9 Telugu Mike. Most of time tv9 telugu tv channel's reporter taking news from chennai for Tamil Nadu Based news.
  10. sivadoss

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    Can't change Edit.. Edit option was not showing.
  11. sivadoss

    Create New Logos for Non-existent/Defunctional/Upcoming TV Channels

    Already it's available in our dreamdth Link - DDF Exclusive - DDF Re-Branded Logos for TV Channels: Unleash Your Creativity Here! Its a official Sun Marathi Logo from Sun Network. Already Sun Marathi channel test signal running on Sun Direct and SCV(Cable TV Network). NANDHINI Marathi...
  12. sivadoss

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    Sun TV - Thiru Magal Monday onwards afternoon 12.30pm and night 10.30pm.
  13. sivadoss

    Tamil Serials & Programs Updates

    Sun TV - Monday onwards 11.30am - Agni Nakshathram 12pm- Nila 12.30 pm - Thiru Magal 9.30pm - Anbe Vaa 10am - Chithi 2 10.30pm - Thiru Magal(Repeat) .
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