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Recent content by sreeharshavardhana

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    DTH Updates Kasturi TV will be removed from d2h

    Does it anyone watch this channel at all, is a big ????
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    Sad News Dolby Audio Issue

    I agree with you. Because even when the D2H technician came to my place to install the d2hStream box I faced the same problem. I had to do some R&D on the setup box settings and teach him. So it's common across all the DTH operators. :( At least all of them are in common in this case. ;);)
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    Pros and Cons of d2h Stream

    To add to the list on Con's: Does not come with Pre-Installed apps except Prime Video. All other apps need to be installed manually. Does not connect to the Wi-Fi if the Router is not in the same room (as per the technician and also I experienced it) The colour (Red, Green, Yellow, and Blue)...
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    Got a D2h Stream BOX!!!

    Yes, agree with you. The problem is since I already had a d2h connection, I did not want to add one more antenna at my terrace. Since on the second floor, my sister and her children use the desktop for their studies. So I did not have another option. I had another option was having two broadband...
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    Got a D2h Stream BOX!!!

    Hello All, I got the d2h Stream Box. I ordered the Box on 26-12-2020 evening and got installed on the 27-12-2020 by 12 PM. I upgraded my old HD box with this one. Initially, I was most excited to buy this box. But when the technician came home and after 10 mins of installation..the excitement...
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    Booked D2H Stream.....

    Check this link. Source
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    DDF Exclusive D2h Added ZEE HD Channels

    Adding channels are fine, now getting Dolby Audio (5.1) in these channels, they will take another 5 years!! :(
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    Discussion General Discussion about Tata Sky Binge+ STB

    Thanks! In that case, to buy the binge+ box, anyway, we subscribe for the TV channels along with that we need to pay an additional fees to use the OTT apps, right? Say if I subscribe for channels worth Rs 500, I have to pay additional Rs. 250+ for the OTT apps. That will comes about Rs. 750+...
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    Discussion General Discussion about Tata Sky Binge+ STB

    Why is that so? Because using OTT apps is our choice. Why should we pay for it? Since these apps are Free but buying the Subscription is our choice. So paying an additional fee is not necessary. Right?
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    Discussion General Discussion about Tata Sky Binge+ STB

    I have a question. Does the TataSky charge a monthly fee to use OTT apps in the Binge+ box? I had got a call from Customer Care that time the executive was mentioning that I have to pay Rs 250/- to use the OTT apps. Is that true? Regards!
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    D2h South King Upcoming Days

    Thanks, Nielkumar. Will check the same.
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    D2h South King Upcoming Days

    @Livestar lokesh Off the topic. How to get into the Satellite Management screen? FYI I use STB 2222.
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    Discussion Zee Kannada HD in D2H?

    Zee Kannada HD added into the LCN 997... 👏 (y)
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    DDF Exclusive D2h Added ZEE HD Channels

    At last they added a Zee Kannada HD!!! (y)👏👏
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