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Recent content by sudha_sakthi

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    Sad News Dolby Audio Issue

    Hi GowriShankar, I have recently installed Tata Sky Binge + box in my home and connecting my home theatre from Binge+ box via Optical port for Audio. I am getting 5.1 Audio for HD Channels. But not getting 5.1 for Binge+ apps (ex: Amazon Prime, Sun Next, Hot Start, Zee5..etc). I was chasing...
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    Tata sky binge 4k box Dolby audio 5.1 issue

    All Binge+ Apps (ex: Amazon Prime, Sun Next, Hotstar) are not supporting 5.1 for me. But normal HD channels are supporting 5.1. Anybody can help me on this?
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    Good News Atlast Moved to Binge +

    I am also using Tata Sky Binge+ Box. But when I tried to play some video in Amazon Prime/Sun Nex/Hotstar then I am not getting 5.1 audio, only i am getting 2.1 audio. Anybody knows what is the reason for that?
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    Tata Sky Bing+ Apps not supported 5.1

    Hi, I am using TataSky Bing+ set of box. When I play the HD channel (Sun Music) I am getting 5.1 Audio. But when i play some video in Amazon Prime/Sun Next/Hotstar i am not getting 5.1 Audio. Any one can help me on this? If these applications are not supported 5.1 then what are all the apps...
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