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Recent content by TJ_DJ

  1. TJ_DJ

    DTH Updates Airtel dth deducting balance instantly on ala carte channel activation

    Be a bit cautious, @Choco7905 bro. It is not actually an refund. The Daily rate of Rs 22.42 is so less, that for a one-day activation, the validity will still remain the same (since you may have balance equal to that much amount of DBR for the last date. For Eg: Your balance is Rs 101.10 as on...
  2. TJ_DJ

    DDF Exclusive 3 SPN Channels (Mix & ESPN SD/HD) to Shut down wef 30th March

    Yes, MIX is a shocker. Long live TRAI.
  3. TJ_DJ

    DDF Exclusive 9x network (except 9x Tashan) will not be available on adtv

    What ??? Why ??? Channels closing down or just ADTV removing them? This is SAD !
  4. TJ_DJ

    DTH Updates Airtel dth deducting balance instantly on ala carte channel activation

    Could anyone else too confirm on this please? Earlier it was quite confusing as Airtel used to deduct DBR at end of the day - but it would still suspend services at start of the day itself if balance equal to DBR was not available at start of the day. Now I think they are debiting at start of...
  5. TJ_DJ

    DTH Updates Airtel dth deducting balance instantly on ala carte channel activation

    Has Airtel also started deducting DBR at the Start of the Day instead of End of the Day? I am observing that suddenly two days worth of DBR has been deducted from my balance. I have not changed any plan in this interim.
  6. TJ_DJ

    Happy Birthday Siva bro

    Wish you a Happy Birthday, @Siva
  7. TJ_DJ

    Good News New NCF Price as per Tariff Order 2.0 implemented w.e.f. today

    Any changes in the prices of channels or bouquets by any broacaster(s) ?
  8. TJ_DJ

    Good News 230 FTA Channels Topup

    Has this been removed? Now Airtel has created Airtel BST FTA pack with 94 channels, and it gets counted in the NCF slab. So now we dont get any NCF-Free Channels in ADTV?
  9. TJ_DJ

    Discussion TRAI announced important changes in the Tariff Order

    I will do the translation here, for the benefit of all: New Tariff for DTH Companies to be declared on 12 February. On 12 February, DTH Companies and Cable TV Operators might launch their New Tariffs. As per the New Tariff directive, all major companies were to declare new plans by 15 January...
  10. TJ_DJ

    My forum centuries !

    Clinched a reaction score of 2700 :nj:
  11. TJ_DJ

    My forum centuries !

    Completed 2100 posts on DDF. Cheers :ok2:
  12. TJ_DJ

    D2H Welcome Back Offer @ ₹ 1

    I meant to say NCF+GST = Rs 153 extra. (Its not there I believe).
  13. TJ_DJ

    D2H Welcome Back Offer @ ₹ 1

    DTHs are starting to feel the heat. This is Re 1 / day. So Rs 30 per month. I hope there is no NCF + GST added to this. Doesnt mention anywhere in the * quotes.
  14. TJ_DJ

    Good News Happy Pongal & Makar Sankranti

    Happy Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri and Bihu to all bros. Today marks the start of Festival of Harvest. And days start becoming longer now. Cheers.
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