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  1. UDHAY

    New content on NetFlix

    Hi all.. The Zoya factor has been added in Netflix, it was supposed to come in Hotstar right? Saaho coming to Netflix on Dec 8..
  2. UDHAY

    Bigg Boss 13 - News & Updates | Starts 29 Sep 2019

    Hey guys I'm following this year BB.. Similar to Sreesanth last year, this year we have Siddharth shukla around whom the entire house revolves.. Shukla ji is literally running this show in an otherwise dry season.. Last few weeks have become a little better than previous weeks..
  3. UDHAY

    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Sonskshi starrer Khandhani Shafakhana is added in Amazon Prime
  4. UDHAY

    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Malayalam movie 'Ambili' added in Amazon Prime now. It had very positive reviews..
  5. UDHAY

    Satellite Rights of South Indian Television Channels

    Hi All, Nivin-Nayanthara starrer Malayalam movie Love Action Drama, TV partner - Asianaet and Digital Rights with Hotstar. Please ignore if already posted.
  6. UDHAY

    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Hi guys.. Atharva starrer Tamil film 100 was available in Amazon Prime fee days back.. But not able to see it now.. Some one please check and confirm?
  7. UDHAY

    New content on NetFlix

    Tamil film 90ml added in Netflix.. It is big boss fame Oviya starrer.. Was a little controversial for its bold content in Tamil cinema.. If it is already posted please ignore..
  8. UDHAY

    New content on NetFlix

    Hi all.. Netflix has added the malayalam film Uyare now.. Just saw it.. A malayalam film after a long time.. Btw, all of u are praising Sacred games S2, but in Fb and Twitter S2 is criticised and trolled badly?!
  9. UDHAY

    Nerkonda Paarvai | Ajith Kumar | Yuvan | H.Vinoth

    Haters gonna Hate.. Sorry, ur bad wish failed badly :blush2::hehe::hehe::hehe: Watched the film with family yesterday, it was a Houseful show and all the audience were really so appreciative of the film. Perfect release time ahead of Bakrid and Independence day holidays.. Very good message and...
  10. UDHAY

    New content on Amazon Prime Video

    Tamil Movie Ratchasi, featuring Jyothika added now in Amazon Prime video.. Got the notification just now.. I'm surprised as this film is still running in Theatres !!
  11. UDHAY

    Discussion Satellite & Digital rights of Hindi movies news

    Hi guys.. Watching Judgemental Hai Kya now.. Movie is very interesting.. At the beginning of the movie they showed that &Explore HD is the channel partner and Zee5 is the streaming partner for the film.. 🙂👍🏻 please ignore if already posted..
  12. UDHAY

    Seeking Help Food Food still being charged and monthly transactional history

    Thats cheap of TS, the premium DTH.. :O
  13. UDHAY

    Discussion General News & Updates About Tata Sky

    Sorry to get in to this discussion, but most of the posts you make in TataSky comes across as a masked attempt to malign or belittle TataSky by way of long posts pretending to be neutral. That is why we feel so. This is just my opinion.
  14. UDHAY

    Breaking News Vijay Music HD & Vijay Music Launching Soon!

    I think this thread deserves to be closed until a concrete confirmed information is received. Sorry to say but for us, this comes across as some sort of speculation, as the date keeps getting pushed. Or the Title of this thread can be changed to Unconfirmed instead of 'Breaking News'.
  15. UDHAY

    Satellite Rights of South Indian Television Channels

    Hi all.. Watched the Tamil movie Kadharam Kondan, Vikram starrer yesterday. While the channel partner was not show (or did I miss), they did reveal the streaming partner and it is confirmed now that Amazon Prime Video is the digital streaming partner for the film.
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