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Recent content by Viki

  1. Viki

    DDF Exclusive "JOTHI TV" - Tamil Devotional Channel Started in SAHANA MUSIC license - SAHANA MUSIC closed

    So, @Vadirocks was right and posted this in Sep 2020 itself.but thread was closed as some members don't like the news :) DDF Exclusive - Tamil music channel Sahana tv Rebranded
  2. Viki

    Breaking SUN Marathi to launch in 2021-22

    Of the proposed amount (500 crore), some Rs 250 crore will be spent on Sun NXT, while sizeable investments will go to Bengali and Marathi channels, which it sees as larger markets than Malayalam. Sun TV plans to spend Rs 300–350 crore on five large-ticket movies in FY22 and additionally on...
  3. Viki

    BARC Ratings | Week 19

  4. Viki

    Which is unbiased english news channel?

    Mirror Now is missing.
  5. Viki

    Which is unbiased english news channel?

    Republic - 22.9% ? Seriously? :ROFLMAO::ROFLMAO:
  6. Viki

    Breaking Zee Thirai & Zee Thirai HD (Tamil Movie Channel) Launching Very Soon by ZEEL

    Was talking to a senior guy in Asianet Star Group today morning. Vijay Music will be coming in June.
  7. Viki

    DDF Exclusive New VK Digital Package Details

    If you take in a la carte , it would be even more costlier
  8. Viki

    BARC TRP | Week 7

    Tamil News , Music & Movie ratings?
  9. Viki

    BARC TRP | Week 7

    Huge jump for Zee Tamil
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