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Recent content by vishalbal

  1. vishalbal

    DDF Exclusive Greenway Free TV Installation Price and Charges

    If you open Greeway website it shows that the antenna they are using is with dual lnb and the channels list is mix of DDfree dish and ABS
  2. vishalbal

    pakistani channel on [email protected]

    Good Evening Friends, Yesterday when i blind scan my setup top box i got this TP 11861 H DVB-S2/8PSK MPEG-4 27500 then i searched on net and got the same result that this TP is working from Last one month Source: Flysat.com :- FlySat Al Yah 1 @ 52.5° East and Facebook page of Yahlive:-...
  3. vishalbal

    How to use single SettopBox with 2 KU band dishes without using diseqc?

    If you want to use Single Setopbox with 2 KU Band Dish without using of diseqc, the go for two way switch , every time you have to switch the button on or off for different dish, no need of diseqc
  4. vishalbal

    Insat 4A/Gsat 10 Channel List With TP Details ( C- Band )

    Dear bro. i done the lnb skew both side But not getting signal even 1% its zero and what i think so there is a problem in my Solid-3000 Box or in lnb May be, then also i clicked some pics regarding the same and suggest me first what to do.... Regards Vishal bal
  5. vishalbal

    Insat 4A/Gsat 10 Channel List With TP Details ( C- Band )

    Its dual polarity may be I should adjust the lnb skew little bit ....I will try if I will not get the signal then i will post the image of the same Thanx Vishal bal
  6. vishalbal

    Insat 4A/Gsat 10 Channel List With TP Details ( C- Band )

    Dear Gssran Bro. i am not getting G-Sat 10 Tp. 3885 V 27500 @ 83Deg E I am Getting All the Tp. of Insat 4-A But not getting signal of G-Sat Why? Did U getting That, i am asking Because of DD National HD Channel Source: G-Sat 10 at 83.0°E - LyngSat
  7. vishalbal

    post related to PTC chakde and 14 other FTA channels

    Not getting any signal on Solid 3000 HD, may be due to box which i am having...
  8. vishalbal

    [Trick] SS**** + 41 HD Channels @ low cost (worked between 01/09/2015 to 29/02/2016)

    RE: [Trick] SS**** + 36 HD Channels PM me Bro. also thanx
  9. vishalbal

    yasat 52

    U will Get easily on airtel dish (90 Cm) i am also from punjab (Jalandhar) and getting 65% Signal
  10. vishalbal

    {Pics} "GEM_SERIES HD/SD" Started on yasat-1A

    Nice share and good ss @Jenius Bhai
  11. vishalbal

    I Need Solid HDS2-9300 STB

    Solid 9030 is available Solid 9300 is un-available here is the link http://www.amazon.in/Solid-9030-MSTAR-DVB-S2-1080p-Set-Top/dp/B00KIGV32K?tag=googinhydr18418-21
  12. vishalbal

    DreamDTH Forum Members Promotions - 2012 to 2017

    Congrats to All DDF Member
  13. vishalbal


    very nice update
  14. vishalbal

    Watan TV started on Yahsat-1A @ 52.5° East

    RE: Watan TV started on Yahsat-1A @ 52.5° East Very Nice update
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