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    Seeking Help Seeking help to subscribe star movies and star gold in a single pack

    I would like to know whether there is a pack for star movies and star gold or do I have to subcribe the channels separately.
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    Seeking Help Forgotten parental lock password

    Hello friends, need your help in regarding parental lock in dish TV. I had set a password for parental lock way back in 2012 dish TV sd set top box. Now I had upgraded to dish TV true hd+ set top box. I wanna lock a channel using parental lock but the problem is I had forgotten the password...
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    How to Connect dish tv hd+ to Philips MMS2580B Blue Dhoom Home Theater System

    How to connect dish tru hd+ with recorder set top box with Philips MMS2580B Blue Dhoom Home Theater System?
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    Surya music not available in dish tv

    Surya music one of the most popular malayalam channel launched in 2013 is not added in dish tv. Many emails, facebook message have been sent to dish tv but of no use. I wonder why dish tv is not interested in adding surya music channel, other dth companies have already added in their respective...
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