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  1. Niraj Rathod

    Star Sports 2 may not be added on Monday

    Agreed. But one of the oldest,good member who posted 7900+ quality posts, got banned recently. That's sad part.
  2. Niraj Rathod

    Star Sports 2 may not be added on Monday

    Nice joke :rofl: btw i'm not using fake id like you.
  3. Niraj Rathod

    Star Sports 2 may not be added on Monday

    Really ???? I don't believe in this. :p
  4. Niraj Rathod

    iConcerts HD to be removed from 16 feb 2013

    content wise ? lol,sun direct has 200 tv channels and rdtv has 250 tv channels.rdtv has many north indian channels like utv bindass,big magic,big rtl thrill,movies ok,cinema tv,zee classic,utv world movies,SONY Six, SONY Mix,Sonic,Discovery Kids,TLC,Ndtv Good Times,Discovery Turbo,NGC...
  5. Niraj Rathod

    ESPN issues Public Notice to Reliance BIG TV DTH Network

    It's just a notice to give payment in 21 days, channels will not go off air after 21 days. And where is written 24 feb. In notice ? btw whenever rdtv is going to remove channels they informed customers by sending msg. Since last 2 year.
  6. Niraj Rathod

    iConcerts HD to be removed from 16 feb 2013

    Don't bring sun dths in other dth section. And you said rdtv not adding channels for many many months. Check first before telling this, u forget sony six & discovery kids addition ? And subhavartha tv already available in rdtv. And its far better then sun dth who added only 2 north indin...
  7. Niraj Rathod

    Reasons to choose SUN DTH over other DTH

    how many north indians channels added in sun dth during 2012 ?
  8. Niraj Rathod

    Reliance Not Interested in DTH field.Why?

    Really ? They added discovery kids & sony mix in december, big rtl thrill & thanthi tv in november, 9x jalwa, utv action telugu, news x in september. :p
  9. Niraj Rathod

    Why all 9 TPs not utilized?

    *correction measat 3b has 48 tps. Out of 48, 18 tps acquire by astra. And rest 30 tps are for reliance and sun direct.
  10. Niraj Rathod

    Vishwaroopam Movie Premier On 10th Jan. In RDTV

    Catch The world Premiere Of Movie Vishwaroopam On 10th Jan at 9.30 pm. Available in Tamil, Telugu & Hindi. To Book Now, call 18002009001 & Enjoy The Premiere.
  11. Niraj Rathod

    ESPN STAR Sports given public notice in news papers

    thats proved that airtel is main culprit and tata sky,reliance,videocon will keep these channels.
  12. Niraj Rathod

    Both ESPN HD & Starcricket HD. Removed

    You got any dream that reliance will remove this channels ?
  13. Niraj Rathod

    A2Z News Will Be Removed After 2 Jan.

    Dear Customer, This is to inform you that channel "A2Z News" will be discontinued After 2nd January 2013.
  14. Niraj Rathod

    Jalsha movies to add on 16th Dec

    Jalsha movies will be add on lcn 546. :)
  15. Niraj Rathod

    Programmes u will love watching on nat geo adventure

    it's also available in reliance @lcn 559. Btw it's nice channel, i like one camer van on it which is also telecast in fox traveller.
  16. Niraj Rathod

    GSTV channel unavailable on polling day!!

    who said it's a crime ? democracy too here in gujarat not like maharastra. btw channel is not ready for launch, but due to election they launched channel very early 5-6 months ago. So what we can expect rather then technical problem.
  17. Niraj Rathod

    GSTV channel unavailable on polling day!!

    It's anti-modi, so sabhi gujju ki baddua lagi channel ko :p
  18. Niraj Rathod

    UTV Stars HD will not available from 22nd on D2H

    means travel xp hd will add on that day.
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