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  1. Nitin Sawant

    Tata sky USB port

    Tata sky has USB port I wonder how to play songs/movies from pendrive/Portable hard drive using tata sky box
  2. Nitin Sawant

    Where to get Dreambox 800HD SE in mumbai?

    Which is best STB in india to get more hindi & english channels? Openbox vs Dreambox or some other STB Where to get the Motorised dish, Diseqc & the STB in mumbai? price? :wall can we use existing [email protected]@sky+ :hd dish to connect to the FTA set top box(Dreambox HD800)?
  3. Nitin Sawant

    Do we get starhub signals in india?

    Do we get starhub(singapore) signals in india? :huh
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