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    Not able to some channels which are not included in BST pack

    Helo, I am not able to add these channels in my pack.I tried many times and called cc as well.. Jaihind tv, Reporter TV, Mangalam tv These channels are not included in BST malayalam pack..Anyone pls help me.
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    5.1 Speaker With Optical Input.

    Can any anyone suggest me a 5.1 speaker system (not home theater) with optical input. Pls suggest one which is budget friendly or any other method to get 5.1 surround sound.I have heard of hdmi arc.If anyone knows about it pls help me.
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    Can anyone help me to connect my D2H HD to my Philips 5.1 Home Theater.

    Home Theater doesnt have HDMI IN. I have connected D2H HD to Sony Bravia TV via HDMI Cable. If i connect to Home Theater via AUX In will i get 5.1 surround sound???????
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