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  1. Lurie

    Good News Upgraded to AIRTEL HD

    As we are planning to upgrade to UHD television, we upgraded to AIRTEL HD box yesterday. This was delayed by two weeks due to unavailability of the box in Airtel office and govt restricting the crossing of district borders. Finally, it's upgraded and I subscribed to and xplor hd. Watched...
  2. Lurie

    Breaking SPN Sports is now SONY SPORTS in its social media handle

    Is it a prelude to the much talked about revamp of its sport business ?
  3. Lurie

    Seeking Help Installing PVC vinyl flooring

    We have granite flooring in our home, but it is producing lot of white patches these days which looks ugly. So, we are planning to cover the entire granite flooring with PVC vinyl flooring. Is it good and healthy? What's the durability of PVC flooring? Help me
  4. Lurie

    Ek Mahanayak Dr. B. R. Ambedkar | Starts 17 Dec 2019, Mon - Fri 8pm | &tv

    Looks like &TV is all set for a revamp. Promos of two shows - Mahanayak BR Ambedkar and Jai Hanuman Jai Shri Ram- are out. Reports suggest two more shows are in pipeline. P.s. I could not find a suitable thread to post it.
  5. Lurie

    Breaking Zee Tamil is all set to rejig timeslots for four of its existing shows, to launch one!

    On 4th of November, Zee Tamil is all set to launch a new fiction titled Gokulathil Seethai at 8pm. On the same day there will be rejigging of other shows which are as follows: Iniya Iru Malargal current slot: Mon to Fri 6pm new slot : Mon to Fri 12:30 pm Kandukonden Kandukonden current slot...
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