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    Acche din kab Aayenge?

    All ADTV Users were waiting desperately for last 2 years for the launch of ses 9 which will give incremental tp space to ADTV. It was launched in March and ADTV S/W also updated. This week LCN change took place making arrangements for new channels. At present tata sky is undoubtedly the best in...
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    100% FDI allowed in DTH, Cable Network, Mobie Tv and HITS

    100 % FDI in DTH In a ground breaking decision government of India has allowed 100 % FDI in DTH and broadcast sector
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    Wake up boys

    Hello everyone It's been quite a while since i have written an article. In last few months as we all know nothing significant is happening in the world of Indian DTH. Tata Sky trying full fill their back log by moving to Mpeg 4 as G sat 10 has failed. ADTV is sleeping,increasing price day by...
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    Star sports 2 added to Economy sports pack onwards

    Star sports 2 added to Mega pack Enjoy:ohya
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    New S/W updated

    New S/W getting updated for ADTV HD DVR
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    My second ADTV HD Recorder

    Friends, Finally today i got my second ADTV HD Recorder and this time it's 500 GB capacity against 320 GB of my first HD Recorder. With this i am a complete ADTV customer as i shifted my Tata Sky Plus HD to my father in law's home. I got it at Rs.4490 through local dealer and 1 month free...
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    I am leaving Tata Sky Family

    I will transfer my Tata Sky Plus HD box to my father in law's home in next 7 to 10 days and will buy another ADTV HD DVR 500 GB. Reasons: 1.New Tata Sky HD policy. 2.Tata Sky will add channels but surely will increase package price. 3.Poor SD PQ of Tata Sky 4.Already have 2 ADTV connections at...
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    ADTV new connection offer

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    IMusicSpace coming free

    I am noticing since last night that i am getting all 12 World Space radio stations in IMusicSpace on LCN 1562 to 1573 totally free free free I guess it's a testing mode but who cares? Enjoy all. By the way i have ADTV HD DVR and i am a Mega Pack user. :ohya:ohya:ohya You guys also try and...
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    ADTV tesing MAX HD

    :ohya:ohya:ohya TP details 11600 V 30000 fec 3/4
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    ADTV tesing Hallmark

    TP details : 11600 H 30.00 fec 3/4
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    Impact of new HD Package policy

    Here is a simple Impact of new HD Package policy.I am giving you a list of HD channels you will loose or lost due to new changes by Tata Sky:angry:angry 1.You must pay a Rs.100 HD access fee every month to access above HD channels applicable to your base pack. 2.If tata sky launches any HD...
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    Mail from Tata Sky explanaing new changes

    In response to my complaints about HD package changes,today i received an email from Ms.Minakshi at Tata Sky CEO Escalation Desk Bangalore which explains Tata Sky's point of view about new HD package changes Dear Mr.Ghanekar, Thank you for your mail about HD Access Fee. At Tata Sky we...
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    My victory over Tata Sky's new policy

    Friends, Yes i have won against this new policy and got all my lost HD channels ie. Star Movies HD,Star World HD,Star cricket HD and ESPN HD back. Also got all these in SD version too:ohya:ohya:ohya How i did,i tell you 1.After i received a call few days back about this,i wrote a mail to CEO...
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    Tata Sky implemented new policy

    Since morning my 4 HD channels not working which are not part of my SD package in Dhamal mix pack ESPN HD,Star Cricket HD,Star World HD and Star Movies HD locked now. They implemented their new policy and Colors HD still not added
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    Sales brotures of Videocon d2h,Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky

    On the eve of digitization in 4 Metros here are latest Sales brotures of Videocon d2h,Airtel Digital TV and Tata Sky available in mumbai 1.Videocon d2h 2.Airtel Digital TV 3.Tata Sky
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