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    A New Telugu Free Top Up for Maa Gold Channel

    Hi All, A free life time free New Telugu Free Top Up has been added today... As we will be having two top ups as free Please call to customer care and ask for.... New Telugu Lifetime Free TOPUP Sep-13 You can also view the free top up updated in the airtel.in site... Thanks...
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    Airtel is again providing Free days for both SD and HD on Advance Rental Packs.

    Hi All, Airtel is again providing Free days for both SD and HD on Advance Rental Packs. Please check the website links: Digital TV from Airtel Thanks, Srinivas
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    Sony HD is free for 7 Days

    Hi friends, Today i got an sms saying that " Republic Day Special ! Watch "Student of the Year" in High Definition on Sony HD. To get Sony HD Free for 7 Days on airtel digital TV. text ADD FREE to 54325. Thanks, Srinivas
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    ROI: TopUp packages are not updated for Advance Rental Packs.

    Hi All, As i am a South Indian Customer i have choosen the ROI Mega Pack in which i will get Telugu Free top Up. Mega Sept-12 with Telugu Free top Up May -12 But when i went for the Advance Rental Pack i have faced a problem where i could not get the All the channels in...
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    Tricky in Discounts on Advance Rental Packs for HD users

    Hi All, Airtel is not giving the discount on advance rental packs for the HD packages with 4,9,12,15 HD packages...... Here i am going to show u a small example. If we take a Normal SD pack of Mega ROI which costs Rs.326/- pm Advance rental pack for 6 months SD pack is = 326*6 = Rs.1956/...
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    New Rules from 21/08/2012 for HD settop box users

    Hi friends, As per the CC people... new rules have been changed from 21/08/2012. Now the Airtel HD setop box users can choose only Standard-2 packs with out any HD channels. Previously there is mandatory rule that the HD settop box customers have to choose a min HD channels pack with a...
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    HD Chota Packs names are changed

    Hi Friends, HD top up packs names are changed: 1. HD Plus is changed to HD Value which costs Rs.91/- 2. Super HD is changed to HD Plus which costs Rs.165/- Please refer the website and webportal for the updated news. Thanks, Srinivas
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    Becareful while subscribing to new packages.

    Hi Friends, I have an Airtel HD Settop box, i am using South Economy Sports pack(Normal SD Pack), but after going thru the site i came to know that some new channels have been added and thought that its better to change the package to new package. After changing my package i came...
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    Checklist for basic ROI and South Indian Packages

    Hi All, Here i have prepared a checklist between the basic packs of ROI and South Indian packages. For South Indian Users: 1. I think ROI Mega and Ultra packs are cheaper than South Indian Packs. 2. All the Free Add On Top Up in all the packages are same in Both the regions. 3. I have...
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    New Packages on HD for South Region Users

    Hi... Airtel has introduced new packages for South region users... Here is the screen shot....:) In the attached excel sheet i have not included the Tamil and Punjabi channel... please excuse me...
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