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  1. acmedigitals

    Good News New software updated

    New software updated in humax stb model T52.. IMG-20201003-133430
  2. acmedigitals

    Discussion Ading education channel victers

    Any news about adding the malayalam education channel VICTORS in all dth platform.... due to covid.19.the chief minister of kerala saying that to dth companies to take necessary action to adding this channel in all dth soon...
  3. acmedigitals

    Good News signal imroved in all horizontel tps

    signal improved in all horizontel tps in tatasky
  4. acmedigitals

    Zee Kalak.Testing or tp changing

    Zee Kalak.Testing or tp changing. Tp 11546h 44997 IMG-20191010-064706
  5. acmedigitals

    DDF Exclusive Tata Sky moving Insat 4A Malayalam channels to Gsat 10

    Malayalam channels moved g sat
  6. acmedigitals

    Good News Testing one more dance studio

    Tatasky testing one More dance studio in same tp....11670v32720 1570027580230727551990
  7. acmedigitals

    DTH Updates Flowers channel tp changed in dishtv St2

    flower channel tp changed Old tp 11546h44995 New 11609 h 44995
  8. acmedigitals

    DDF Exclusive 13 New TPs added in Tata Sky NIT

    New 13 tp adedd in tatasky.Nosignal now
  9. acmedigitals

    New pack launched Kerala super pack

    TATA SKY Kerala Super Pack 2799 SD BOX 6 Months Locked Pack Full Malayalam 29 Tamil channel with Suntv and KTV Sports ( Star Sports 1,2,3,first ) Kids: Pogo/cartoon network English Movies: except star movie all English Movies
  10. acmedigitals

    New sun direct advertise on soorya comedy.

    Showing highlite of d2hstb screenshot of deactive banner on tv and thir remote
  11. acmedigitals

    Good News SR changed tp 12050

    Dishtv changed symbolrate of tp 12050 Old sr 45000 new sr 43000
  12. acmedigitals

    Harvest TV EPG Name updated as ATE TV by Tata Sky

    ATE tv adedd in lcn 1849
  13. acmedigitals

    Breaking D2h testing ch-307

    D2h testing ch 307 in to 11483 h 44995 1549212988378948676774
  14. acmedigitals

    Breaking Tatasky testing 4 new test service

    Tatasky testing new channel test service2707 in to 11050v 32720 One test lin itk service also in to 11010v 2 more test service channel 2531 in tp10970v Test service 2155 in 11550h
  15. acmedigitals

    Breaking Harvest TV adedd

    Harvest TV adedd in tatasky tp11510 v 32720
  16. acmedigitals

    DDF Exclusive Tatasky testing channel

    Tatasky testing test service3202 in tp 11510v 32720 and 3 channels can't find
  17. acmedigitals

    DTH Updates software available now in st2 on arion hd and sd stb

    software updated with tp new
  18. acmedigitals

    New d2h sd stb by liantech make from vietnam

    IMG-20190126-WA0011 IMG-20190125-WA0012 IMG-20190125-WA0021 IMG-20190126-WA0006 got new stb on yesterday
  19. acmedigitals

    1 tp sr changed

    tp 11671 v 44997 into 11671v 40000
  20. acmedigitals

    St2 software downloading in zenega 4005is

    Now software changing in zenega 4005is from st2
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